Passion. Experience. Diligence.


These three words together are what Pat and Beth Murphy focus on when hiring staff for their team, Chattahoochee Gold. Since the start of the team in 1992, they have focused on creating a safe, educational environment for their swimmers. On average, Gold full-time staff members have been part of the team for more than a decade. This gives our team consistency in vision and excellence that other teams just can't match!

Chattahoochee Gold employs only certified professional USA Swimming coaches. Our coaches have completed classes preparing them for their roles on deck and cleared the national background check system.


   Our Founders  

Pat Murphy

Co-Owner of Chattahoochee Gold and Interim-Head Coach at Cumming

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From Atlanta, GA, Coach Pat Murphy is the Head Coach of the Cumming Aquatic Center as well as Co-Owner of Chattahoochee Gold with his wife, Beth. He and Beth met at the University of Southern Mississippi where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree and was a member of the Honors College. He has been a coach in the Southeast for 40 plus years, with almost 30 of them being with the team he founded, Chattahoochee Gold. Some of his best coaching achievements are having swimmers qualify in every stroke for the Olympic Trials, being an 18-year top performer at Senior Nationals, and launched two different teams that made it into the top 3 Georgia Swim teams. He proud of being a father to an opera-singing daughter and providing for his family, as well as designing a house from scratch. He also is an amateur artist! Coach Pat was not a naturally talented swimmer; but, felt respected by his teammates, which made him work hard. That is why he emphasizes work ethic and putting in the effort. 

Beth Murphy

 Co-Owner of Chattahoochee Gold and Director of Daily Operations

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Originally from Tupelo, MS, Coach Beth Murphy is the Head Coach and Age Group Coach of the Woodstock Aquatic Center as well as Co-Owner of Chattahoochee Gold with her husband, Pat. She and Pat met at the University of Southern Mississippi where she earned a BA. Coach Beth has coached and taught swim lessons for 25 years. Some of her favorite coaching achievements include: coaching several swimmers to their State and Sectional Cuts (just like she was able to get her state cuts as an age group swimmer in backstroke), and helping young swimmers grow to love the sport and be better at swimming. Her favorite personal achievement is being a mother to her daughter. When asked about what made her want to be a coach she said, “Honestly, I never thought about it.  I was always a swimmer but for a long time, my career was in business.  Then I had my daughter and wanted to stay home with her so working in the family business was the best way to obtain that goal.  But I can say that I love working with the kids and giving them what they need to become better swimmers.”  Her aim is to help her swimmers to have true, long-lasting relationships with friends, family, and the sport of swimming.

   Our Coaches at Cumming   

Mark Fino

Coach at Cumming Aquatic Center

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Coach Mark Fino from our Cumming location is from Detroit, MI and has a B.A. from Kalamazoo College, where he also swam. Although this is his first year at Chattahoochee Gold, he has over 23 years of coaching experience with 18 of those years at the NCAA level. When asked about  what were 3 of his best coaching/swimming experiences, he said he has "too many to write: watching my teams  support each other through victories and losses; being invited to past swimmers' weddings; and having parents tell me that their children began to love swimming again under me." He has twin boys that he is raising with his wonderful wife--they are his greatest personal achievement. Why did Coach Mark Fino want to be a coach? "I learned so much about myself and others through the sport that I wanted to give back. I was an education major in college that gravitated to psychology." Coaching fit his personality while also filling his desire to teach and help the younger generations of learners. One fun fact about him is that he is 6 inches taller than his eldest brother--which means he is the tallest in his family. But, he is not really tall. We are so exited to have him be a part of our swim team family here at Chattahoochee Gold!

Mark Walleshauser

Coach at Cumming Aquatic Center

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Coach Mark Walleshauser is from Marietta, GA, and coaches at Cumming Aquatic Center. He went to Norwich University and swam in his youth. He has had 4 years of coaching and 3 years with Gold. His reason for coaching is to help swimmers become the best swimmers, students, and children they can. One fun fact about Mark is that he curls his hair every morning.

Karen Carr

 Coach at Cumming Aquatic Center

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Coach Karen Carr, coach at Cumming Aquatic Center, is from Augusta, GA, and went to Augusta College. She has been coaching for 50 years and 16 of those years have been with Chattahoochee Gold. She is proud to be a female, breaking through a male-dominated sport and being a mother of 3. She loves to knit and crochet when she isn’t coaching. Coach Carr especially appreciates coaching 10 & unders—she loves watching and helping her swimmers learn life lessons and grow into young adults. On why she became a coach, Coach Karen says, “I grew up in a swimming family. My parents and grandmothers taught lessons and my dad started ASL, While he was coaching summer league in Augusta, I began helping him coach and loved it. I never thought of doing anything else.”

Ethan Wolovick

Coach at Cumming Aquatic Center

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Coach Ethan, one of our newest hires, is from Marietta, GA, and coaches at Cumming Aquatic Center. He has a Bachelors from Kennesaw State and a Professional Education Certificate from Georgia Tech. He has been coaching for 5 years and this is his first year with Gold. Some highlights from coaching are having 2 kids sign to swim at the collegiate level during his time as a head coach at his previous team, having multiple state qualifiers for the first time in his program's history, and making the NJCAA All American Team his sophomore year in college. In regards to his personal achievements, Coach Ethan said that voted Team Capitan and being hired at Chattahoochee Gold were his top two. When we asked why he wanted to be a coach, he said, "I was honestly incredibly lucky to have so many great coaches that really made me want to come to practice every day. Although it was usually hard, I always felt like they were helping me accomplish something every day and everyday was a new challenge. They were always there through the highs and lows and never stopped helping me achieve my goals no matter how lofty they were. Now that I’m an adult, I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to give back to the sport and help the swimmers of today gain the same knowledge and experiences to achieve their own goals in the sport and life." One fun fact about Ethan is that he is a huge Disney fanatic!

Erin Sattler

Junior Coach at Cumming Aquatic Center

This is Erin Sattler is a junior coach at our Cumming location. She is from Suwanee, GA and is currently a junior at Lambert High School. We are so happy to have her joining us in her first year as a Junior Coach after joining us in July of 2021. She is a proud Gold team member and has had great swimming success as a county finalist with summer league records, and qualifying for state in HOSA three years in a row! She has a love for swimming that can be showcased not just as a junior coach, but also with her work with special olympics since 2019, and participating in her seventh year swimming at Swim Across America! When asked why she wanted to coach, she said, "Knowing how much this sports means to me, I wanted to teach the sport to others and get them to love it as well!" One fun fact about Erin is that she has been on the Today show when she went to New York City!

Olivia Skinner

Junior Coach at Cumming Aquatic Center

Coach Olivia Skinner from Detroit, Michigan and is currently a senior at Cambridge Highschool. She coaches Intro at the Cumming location. This is her first year coaching at Gold but she previously coached a summer league team and taught swim lessons at the Cumming Aquatic Center. She has been swimming on Chattahoochee Gold for 7 years and her most recent achievement in swimming was making her first Senior State cut. When asked why she wants to coach she explains the enjoyment from seeing kids celebrate their own hard work. One fun fact about Olivia is that she has a twin sister. 


   Our Coaches at Mountain View   

Penny Walleshauser

Head Coach at Mountain View Aquatic Center

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Originally from Hinsdale, IL, Coach Penny Walleshauser is a coach at Mountain View Aquatic Center. She has been coaching for 35 years and 23 years have been with Chattahoochee Gold, where she has had swimmers place top 3 at State and Sectionals. Coach Penny has a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from the University of South Florida and is mom to 2 awesome kids. One of her other personal achievements is placing top 10 in multiple events at the 2019 senior games—swimming. A couple of fun facts about her are that she loves to sew and rescue dogs!

Austin Sumrall

Coach at Mountain View Aquatic Center

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Austin Sumrall, coach at Mountain View Aquatic Center, was born and raised in Roswell, GA, and has been apart of Chattahoochee Gold’s family for over 17 years (12 years as a swimmer and 5 years coaching). He graduated from Queens University of Charlotte in 2015 as a member of the 2015 NCAA Champions; back in 2011, Austin was a Gold Award Winner! One of his other achievements in swimming is his coaching track record of coaching swimmers to 61 Team Records, 43 State Titles, 5 State Records in the first 3 years with Gold. Sumrall has had many personal victories such as marrying his wife—Micah, consuming 63 Chicken Wings in one non-competitive sitting (he states he was just hungry), being a Kansas City Barbeque Society certified Barbeque Judge and Table Captain, and finally, being a proud Law School Dropout. Austin remembers the moment that he realized he wanted back into the swimming world— he was tiring away in the Law Library of GSU and got asked to cover practice for one of his former coaches. After that day of practice, he decided he needed to pursue something that he loved.

Johnny Thonn

Coach at Mountain View Aquatic Center

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Coach Johnny is originally from Orange County, California and has a love for swimming and water--which is shown threw his collegiate swimming and water polo history at Santa Ana College and his swim lesson and coaching experience. Prior to his time with us, he coached in South Carolina with Y-Sparta Aquatics when they had wimmers qualify for Winter Juniors, Summer Juniors and Olympic Trials. Then he moved to Team Greenville, where he worked on the nest stage of developing an conditional for older swimmers, aged 13-18. A fact about him: he is a US Marine Corp Veteran! We are so happy to have him  continue into his second year as a member of our coaching family here at Chattahoochee Gold.


   Our Coaches at Woodstock  


Mark Schilling

Head Coach at Woodstock Aquatic Center

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Coach Mark Schilling was born in St. Louis, MO. Coaching and Chattahoochee Gold have been a major part of his life—he has 25 years of coaching and 23 of those years have been at Gold! He has a B.S. from Georgia Tech, where he was a member of GA Tech Varsity Team and letter winner, and a Junior National Qualifier. One of the reasons he chose this career is his desire to make a difference in the lives of kids. He has coached several swimmers to Olympic Trials and National Finalist. He was also a Coach for 2018 National Champion and Pac Gold Medal Winner.  When he is not coaching, he maintains over 100 different varieties of Orchid Plants!

Bobby Hammond

Coach at Woodstock Aquatic Center

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Coach Bobby Hammond is one of our newest coaches at the Woodstock Location--he is an age group coach coming from Flanders, New Jersey! He has been coaching for nearly 7 years. Some of his coaching highlights include: being selected to be a New Jersey Zones Coach, directly coaching 9 first time sectional qualifiers at my previous club, and coaching 28 first time State qualifiers at my previous club. Three of his personal highlights are being a member of Team USA and racing at races around the continent representing our country, being named a USA Triathlon all American for 12 years in a row, and maintaining a top 3 national age group ranking in Triathlon since he got his first endorsement deal at the age of 12! When asked why he wanted to be a swim coach, Coach Bobby said, "The ability to guide athletes as they go about learning important life lessons, pass on my love for the sport, and help teach importance of values both in and beyond the pool while inspiring them to chase their dreams!" Speaking of dreams--one fun fact about Coach Bobby is that he has always dreamt of being a professional stock car driver.

Andrew Hebert

Coach at Woodstock Aquatic Center

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Coach Andrew Hebert is one of our newest coaches at the Woodstock Location--he is an age group coach hailing from Lincoln, Rhode Island! When he was back up in the Northeast, he received his BS in physical education from Bridgewater  State University. He has been coaching for 4 years prior to joining us; during that time he achieved one of his greatest coaching experiences of having 2 of the top 3 10 and Under boys  in New England! Some of his other personal achievements include: being Team Capitain and Team MVP at his University, as well as winning his first open water swimming race and teaching physical education in Japan!When asked what made him decide to become a swime coach, he said, "I realized quickly that helping athletes realize their potential in swimming and helping them become well-rounded people gave me the same feeling of joy and satisfaction that I felt as an athlete and I want to pass that love of the sport down for the next generation." One quirkly fact about him: he taught himself how to surf over the pandemic!

Matthew Gray

Junior Coach at Woodstock Aquatic Center

Born and raised in the Woodstock area, this is one of our Junior coaches at Woodstock, Matthew Gray. He is currently in high school at Blessed Trinity and has been on Chattahoochee Gold for 7 years. He decided this year to give coaching a try--he is a natural! Some of Coach Matthew's swimming achievements include being Top Ten at State in the 50 and 100 free, as well as been on 2 first place and second place relay teams at State for Chattahoochee Gold! Some fun facts and personal achievements about him are that he can solve a Rubik's cube in under 6 seconds and is a 2x Wold Champion in Balsa tower constructing!


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