Frequently Asked Questions about Our Swim Lessons

What can I expect my child to learn in Swim Lessons?

Swim America is a swim-float-swim program that teaches swimmers to learn the strokes correctly. Emphasis is placed on safety first; mastery of floating is required to advance to other skills. Each individual learns and excels at their own pace. We use the Swim America Award of Achievement certificate to reward accomplishment, encourage achievement, and further the pursuit of swimming for safety, health, fitness, and fun.

What is the role of the Site Supervisor?

The Site Supervisor is present to answer questions, monitor the classes, and ensure overall safety. We ask that you direct all questions or comments to the Site Supervisor to avoid disrupting classes. The instructors have a precious 30 minutes with your swimmer and need to be able to make the most of this time.

What is the role of the Lesson Instructor?

The Lesson Instructor is there to teach each child the strokes and skills outlined in our program. The Instructor is also there to ensure safety in the water for their classes.

What is the evaluation and how often is my child evaluated?

Your children are evaluated by the Site Supervisor every day they attend class. This way, swimmers can advance at their own pace. We will have evaluation days every other month and your child will be awarded stickers on their certificate for skills achieved. Parents are encouraged to bring their certificates to lessons in order to update skill stickers on evaluation days Site Supervisors will remind you.

Will my child’s placement change?

Initially, there may be some moving up or down to ensure proper level placement. Please talk to your Site Supervisor for any class level changes. As your swimmer earns stickers they will be moved to the appropriate class based on the skills they have learned.

What if my child earns all 10 stickers?

We encourage swimmers to switch to the Pre-competitive Gold Swim team once they have all ten stickers so they may continue to progress. As long as there are spots available in the appropriate level, switching is easy.

What payment methods do you take for my child’s lessons?

We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard, and AmEx.