Gold Swim School is a swim float swim school—we teach your child to float before we teach them to swim because if a child can float, they can breathe and yell for help. Safety comes first and breathing is the first step to make a child safe. Swimming is the finished product of being safe while in water.


Each swim class is 30 minutes long and focuses on safety while teaching correct stroke development and endurance. Our instructors are certified through the Swim America Program. The majority of classes have no more than 4 children, upper levels have 5.

 The class fee is $84 per month for a half-hour once a week class. $140 per month for a half-hour class twice a week.

Classes are offered Monday through Saturday all year. Go to the registration button to check days and times.

There is a $5 discount on the class fee for an additional child per month.  The registration fee is $45.00 yearly per swimmer(Non-Refundable). There is a $10.00 discount for subsequent children.No spaces are guaranteed until you pay your registration fee.  We do not promise certain instructors as we feel all our instructors are all good, but if your child is attached, you can make a request and we will try to honor it.  While we do offer summer sessions we encourage you to take lessons all year round until your child has mastered the skills and become a safe swimmer.  You can start lessons anytime!

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons for children that need extra instruction, have a real fear of the water, or need extra help learning a specific skill to be able to move on to our swim team.  Privates are scheduled through the office and not online.

Private: 4 lessons 30 minutes in length for $250

Semi: Private(2 children)- 4 lessons 30 minutes in length for $400. Please note YOU find the 2 participants and we find the class time.

Parent & Tot

For children ages 6 months to 3 years and their parents. These classes are offered to learn safety skills and respect for the water. PLUS it gives a good solid foundation for future “learn to swim” classes. These classes are taught by experienced instructors and are designed to be fun as well as instructional. 

Our parents feel these classes offer a relaxing, fun experience for them and their child.  One parent told us that she was nervous at first but grew to love the classes may be more than her child.

Each class is 30 minutes long and divided by age as follows:

6 months to 18 months
18 months to 36 months
24 months and up.

Offered year around on Saturdays

Classes are 1x a week for thirty minutes and are offered monthly.

1x/week: $84 monthly

Lap Swim

We offer daily lap swim for those 18 years and older.

Hours are Mon-Thur 10-3 and Fri 10-12.

During the summer months, hours will vary please call us for information.

Lap swim is $5 daily or you can purchase a pass (10 visits=$35, 30 visits=$75)

We also participate in the Silver Sneakers program bring your card and there is no charge for lap swim.

Birthday Parties

Call now to schedule your child’s next Birthday Party at our pool!

Reservations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

We provide a lifeguard, a Party Coordinator, and a party area including tables and chairs. We provide entertainment with organized pool games and music.

All party participants will receive a Woodstock Swim School Party gift.

Pool rental is $245 for up to 3-14 children and $275 for over 15-20 children, half of which is due when the
reservation is made. The other half will be due no later than 1 week prior to the date of the party.

We offer pool parties year-round. Please call us to schedule at 770-591-1998.


We offer Aqua Aerobic classes with a certified instructor in warm water.

Classes are offered Mon-Fri 10:30-11:30 am August through May.

Summer hours for June and July are Mon-Fri 11:30-12:30 am and will vary during the rest of the year--so call at 770-591-1998.

Class fees are $7 daily or you can purchase a pass (10 visits=$60, 30 visits=$135)

We also participate in the Silver Sneakers program bring your card and there is no charge for the class.


We offer summer camps for ages 5-12. These are 1-week camps Mon-Fri from 9 am-5 pm. The camps offer swim lessons, outdoor fun & exercise, crafts & fun time.
Please call us to schedule at

We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AmEx