All swimmers interested in joining DeKalb Aquatics Swim Team need to attend an evaluation. Evaluations can be arranged by filling out the attached form.

Evaluations will be administered by a member of the coaching staff in order to place the athletes into an appropriate training group.                                                                      

  Each swimmer will be asked to perfom 1 start and a lap of each stroke. Swimmers that are trying out for Gold Groups and above may be asked to do swim an interval set or participate in a regularly scheduled practice.

Swimmers with previous experience swimming on a USA Swimming Club teams may not be placed without taking part in a formal evaluation.  Questions regarding the DeKalb Aquatics evaluation process please contact us at

Please bring all necessary items to swim (ie. suit, cap, goggles, towel, etc).

Evaluation Dates: Tuesday and Thursdays: 6:00-7:00 p.m.