Head Coach Melissa Wilborn established DeKalb Aquatics as a year-round, competitive swim team more than twenty years ago to serve swimmers in DeKalb County, the City of Decatur, and Metro Atlanta. DAQ is a mid-sized swim team characterized by a strong commitment to racial and socio-economic diversity, team camaraderie, and integrity. Our coaches, most of whom are former DAQ swimmers, are devoted to the program and to providing their swimmers individual instruction and guidance.

Swimmers are assigned to one of seven practice groups based on their age and ability after an evaluation by our professional staff. No swimmers will be turned away. Swimmers whose skills are not quite ready for the team are encouraged to participate in lessons through one of our many talented swim coaches to continue their preparation. We have a spot in our program for everyone!

The sport of swimming has garnered a reputation for requiring extreme dedication on the part of participants and their families. At DAQ families are encouraged to determine their own level of time commitment based on their unique situations and goals. A consistent practice schedule is ideal but not mandatory. As with any other skill-based activity, frequency and quality of practice time correlate to improvement. Furthermore, participation in swim meets is strongly encouraged but not required for the beginner groups.  For the advanced groups the team offers a highly competitive swim schedule to allow swimmers to compete on the state, regional, national, and international levels.
 To learn more about our program or schedule an evaluation, please contact our administrative assistant, Veronica at [email protected]