Swimmers are assigned to groups based on their age and ability after an evaluation by our professional staff. No swimmers will be turned away. Swimmers whose skills are not quite ready for the team are encouraged to participate in lessons through one of our many talented swim coaches to continue their preparation before joining the team.

The progression of an athlete from one level to another is based on many different variables, not simply age or competitive performance. Group changes generally occur at two times during the year - after the short course season, or after the long course season. Advancement of swimmers to a different practice group is always at the coaches discretion; however, we have established some guidelines to help the swimmers set goals.




Bronze Group

Coaches MJ, Nadia, Javin

Silver Group

Coaches MJ, Wyatt, Hayden

Gold Group

Coaches Hayden, Zoe,Wyatt

Platinum Group

Coach MJ

Junior National Group

Coach Melissa 

Senior Elite Group

Coach Melissa 

High School Prep



Coach Wyatt, Nadia, Javin