Georgia Coastal Aquatic Team

  Head Coach & Team Owner:  Bill Forrester 

  E-mail:  [email protected]


Not only is swimming fun, but it also provides numerous health benefits.  Swimming is a form of physical exercise that raises heart rate, improves cardiovascular endurance, strengthens lung capacity, builds and tones muscles, and improve sleeps.  Swimming can also boost self-confidence while teaching work ethic, commitment, goal setting, and time management skills. GCAT swimmers learn proper mechanics and focus on improving their technical skills and speed as they practice in age-appropriate groups. Athletes will be encouraged to vizualize their success and maintain a Positive Mental Image. Most go on to swim at the collegiate level and develop a lifelong love for swimming and competing. GCAT is a competitive year-round swim team for swimmers ages 5-18 years old. Head Coach Bill Forrester, Olympic Bronze Medalist, leads a group of experienced swim coaches who teach beginning to advanced stroke techniques while encouraging their swimmers to be disciplined, goal orientated, well-mannered, and AMAZING swimmers! 

We can always use more  USA Swimming Certified Officials on our team!

Ever wonder why your swimmer got a DQ the last time they swam breaststroke? If you were a USA Swimming Official you would know what the most common reason is for a DQ in all of the strokes and you would be able to explain it to anyone.  Not to mention you get the best seat in the house when you are a USA Swimming Official at any meet, even Championship meets!  

No swimming experience is needed to start and you can learn at your own pace, online in the comfort of your own home, and be an official's apprentice at meets that your swimmer is competing in. Click on the following link to get started.  Your LSC is Georgia Swimming.  If you already know you want to do it, then you can start at the Georgia Swimming's website: