Thanks for your interest in the MAAC Swim Team. We are currently accepting new swimmers year round. Please see the information below to schedule an evaluation. 


Prerequisites For A Swim Team Tryout

- Must be between the 4 and 18 years old

- Must be able to complete one (1) 25 yard length of the pool without the use of a flotation device and without holding on to the wall or lane line for the entire length of the swim, with their face in the water. 


Click Here to send an email to [email protected] and include the following information:

- Name (yours and your swimmer) 

- Age

- Gender

- Skill level (Have they ever done year round swimming? Summer League? Are you transferring from another team?)

- Your Contact Information


Schedule a Date and Time to Attend an Evaluation or  Practice

We are currently accepting new swimmers for the 2022/23 season.

Click here to schedule an evaluation.

Once we receive your information, a member of the MAAC Staff will reach out to you to schedule a time to attend an evaluation.

Depending on your swimmer's skill level and experience, they may be invited to attend a full practice with MAAC. This allows the coaching staff to make the best assessment of your swimmer's skill and conditioning level.


Register for the Team

Once your evlauation is complete, our team manager will communicate with you about next steps and registering for the team. 



Note: If you are transferring from another USA Swimming Club Team, please complete the required GA Swimming Transfer Form

Athlete Transfer Form

Athlete Transfer Form Info:

Club Name: Metro Atlanta Aquatic Club

Club Code: MAAC