The Okefenokee Aquatic Club (OAC) is a facility owned, competitive club, emphasizing individual and team spirit. The OAC Gators Swim Team is for all levels of swimmers, providing every athlete with the most chances for each athlete to progress to the highest levels of competition. We promote developing the character and self- discipline necessary to succeed not only in swimming, but also in life away from the pool. 

Our Mission

To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy mind, body, and spirit for all. OAC is committed to providing a safe environment for all participants.  To do so we have athlete protection policies and guidelines in place through US Center through Safe Sport.

Our Philosophy

Our program strives to instill in young swimmers an understanding of self-esteem, personal accountability, self-discipline, goal setting, and goal achievement.

It is our belief that the road to success is as important as success itself.

At each level of the Gators program, swimmers are encouraged to work as hard as they can, and become the best they are capable of becoming.

This philosophy is consistent throughout our program, and every swimmer.

Registration Fees & Membership Dues

Swim team monthly fees are due on the 1st of each month. A $10 late fee will be assessed for payments received after the 15th day of the month. 

OAC offers three swim team levels that are based upon the skill and commitment level of each athlete. The Coaches assess each swimmer and make a determination as to which team they should be placed within. 

-Green Level  

-White Level 

-Black Level

-Silver/Gold Level

OAC offers a flat $5 discount for every swimmer in a family after the first and each additional sibling thereafter.