Swim Macon is a year-round competitive swim team that was founded in 1981. We are affiliated with USA Swimming, which is the amateur arm of the U.S. Olympic swim team. Our organization is dedicated to the development of the competitive swimmer of all ages and abilities.

Best way to reach us is by calling Head Coach Jason Swaim 478-361-8373 or email at [email protected]

Mission Statement

Our program utilizes a positive self-image psychology approach to educating and training our students. 

It is our belief that success is a by-product of a positive environment and a positive self-image. The program is geared to help each athlete realize his/her potential by supporting their efforts in a positive manner; both in and beyond the confines of the pool. Swim Macon strives to instill an understanding of, and appreciation for, such concepts as high self-esteem, personal accountability, self-discipline, goal setting and goal achievement.

We know that not every swimmer will be an Olympian, but they can all learn, internalize and live the Olympic Ideals of vision, focus, persistence, commitment and discipline. These principles, more than any gold medal or national record, will help each child as they grow and enter the realms of higher education and society in general. We strongly feel that if you help nurture the child, you will help develop (or even unleash) the champion within as well.