During the Summer of 2022, Swim Macon will hire 12  Lifeguards for the Summer Season to work at  Northside Swim Club. We begin the process of hiring in March and would love to have you work with us. Simply follow the directions below. We take guarding seriously, please take that into account.

Hiring Process:
1) Download the 2022-23 Swim Macon Employment Application
2) Fill it out and take a pic or email to [email protected]
3) Don't forget to attach an image of your certification.
3) We will contact you for an interview within two business days.

*Disclaimer- We are an aquatics training facility with over 40 years of experience in the Middle Georgia Community. Lifeguarding to us is NOT A JOKE. If you entertain visions of relaxing on deck and getting a tan as the main part of your job, please apply elsewhere. This is a life and death business, and we treat it as such. That being said, we promote a very fun working environment!**


LIFEGUARD APPLICANTS MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM 300 (12 lengths of our pool) YARDS NON-STOP AND UNASSISTED by swimming Freestyle (front crawl), breast stroke, or a combination of both. This class will not teach candidates how to swim. Non-swimmers are ineligible to take lifeguard training at Swim Macon.  In addition to the 300 Yard swim,  Trainees must also be able to:

  • Tread water with hands in the air for one minute
  • Retrieve a 10 pound brick from the deep end and swim to the side holding the brick
  • Swim 50 yards using the rescue buoy


2022 SMAC Lifeguard Registration Form

Lifeguards are always at risk of having to deal with life or death situations. Staying proficient is extremely important. Our guards take the job seriously, and understand the risks and consequences of being unprepared. We do not pass candidates if we do not feel that they can be an effective guard. 
Our currently scheduled sessions are:
2022 Red Cross Lifeguard Training
  Dates Registration Deadline Course times Cost



Nov 25-27

Nov 20, 2022 4-6 Friday 25 for pre-requiste swim.
9a-5p Sat 26 & Sun 27


2 Recert
Dec 28-30
Dec 26 Dec 28- 4-6pm
Dec 29-30 9a-5p


If you are interested in taking one of these courses, please complete the registration form and return it via email to r[email protected], or mail to SMAC, 5097 Northside Dr., Macon, GA  31210.  Questions? Contact our instructor, Rachel Taylor [email protected] Registration AND PAYMENT are due at Pre-Requisite swim before the class. No exceptions. We will not split sessions. Lifeguard candidates must be able to spend the entire class time on the weekend the class is held. No exceptions.
Upon receipt of your registration form (signed by a parent if you are under 18), you will receive a note to come to the pool to complete the pre-requisite swim requirements.  Once you pass that, you will be given pre-work to be completed prior to the first day of class.  
We require a minimum of 4 trainees to hold a session. We will notify those registered of changes due to weather or failure to meet the minimum class size.  Additional training sessions may be scheduled depending on demand.
AGAIN, We will not break up training based on schedule conflicts. Candidates must take the full class on the dates registered.
Training is held at our Northside Pool at 5097 Northside Dr., Macon, GA  31210.