Georgia Swimming

SeaWolves Swim Team is dedicated to the development of the mind, body, and spirit of our swimmers.  For us swimming should mold the determination, work ethic, attention-to-detail, and attitude of our swimmers and their families.  We recognize that competitive swimming is a serious investment of time and resources for the families that join us, whether you are swimming for the summer or as much as year round.   We don’t take that commitment from our families lightly and we try to give back 3-fold to our members.  We train our swimmers to take responsibility for their actions, both in the water and out of the water.  Our job is to guide and nurture our swimmers in their development to ensure their best success possible. 


Our coaching staff stems from 3 families; the Wilsons, Snells, and Coopers.  This means that while we may be a young team, we have a large amount of knowledge and experience, with the ability to be nimble in the way we run the SeaWolves.  The Snells had 5 children that were trained and coached by Eric and Carrie from the time their kids were as young as 6 years old.   When their middle child (coach Bethany) was about 14, she decided that training swim technique on a national level was her dream and goal.  It was Bethany’s goal that pushed the Snells into creating coaching programs for the surrounding counties and now has culminated in both SeaWolves and the product/training company SwimmersBest.  While SwimmersBest is not directly tied to SeaWolves in anyway, it is important to note that the training methods and products invented by the Snell/Tilson siblings and Coach Eric are the hallmark of the SeaWolves training platform.  SwimmersBest products are used by most of the top college swim teams throughout the world and Bethany and Eric regularly attend conventions and top college and age-group teams every month. The unique products invented, manufacturer, and sold by SwimmersBest have quickly become ‘fundamentally important’ to most of the top teams in the country because they are designed to fix problems and create efficient strokes as quickly as possible.  Likewise, it is that efficiency in training that the SeaWolves is founded upon in order to help our swimmers achieve their potential as quickly as possible.

SeaWolves primarily train out of the Gordon State College pool, in Barnesville, GA (Lamar County). During the summer months, our team is sanctioned by Pike County GA. Our swimmers are equally distributed within Pike County, Spalding County, and Lamar County, covering major cities, such as Griffin, Zebulon, and Barnesville GA.