Georgia Swimming

Local Coach Assists 2016 Olympic Head Coach and his teams

Bethany Tilson is a 20 year old who is currently finishing up college at Gordon. But most that know her might be surprised to learn that she spends most of her extended weekends traveling all over the US consulting with top colleges and professional swim teams.  Bethany is a local swim coach for the new swim team SeaWolves.  Bethany is also the Sales and Training Director for the swim product company She and her family, step-dad Eric Snell, brother Jackson Snell and sister Mallory Tilson started this company a few years ago and have expanded their unique product line to over 50 different products now. Colleges from all over the US now use their products and this has opened the doors for coaches to ask Bethany to visit them quite regularly. SwimmersBest products are quite different from any other products on the market and thus most coaches are quick to have Bethany visit to review the products with them in person. Bethany has been worked with UGA’s swim team on many occasions as well as Georgia Tech and many other college teams. But one of the things Bethany is most proud of is her developing relationship with the 2016 Olympic head coach, David Marsh. Coach Marsh recently moved to the University of California and also owns ‘Team Elite’ which is the home of many Olympian professional (after college) swimmers in this country. Swimmersbest have had the close support of Coach Marsh for a few years now.   Whenever Bethany visits his teams in California he sets up Bethany with her own 2 lanes and sends 20-30 different college and pro swimmers to Bethany to work on their individual stroke technique problems.   “I was surprised that he was just sending me swimmers and they would each say that ‘David said for you to help me fix my “X” problem’ explains Bethany of our first visit on Coach Marsh’s pool deck at Univ of Ca.  “He just kept sending more and more swimmers with all sorts of problems so I had to get more and more efficient at helping them solving their problems’ she continues.  The trust and support Coach Marsh has shown for the SwimmersBest products has now helped forge a relationship of state-wide clinics between Bethany/SwimmersBest and Team Elite.  Bethany is helping design the training program for large swim training clinics that draw hundreds of swimmers and coaches in several states such as North Carolina and Texas.   These clinics incorporate the skills of professional Team Elite swimmers, Bethany as a training/clinician, and SwimmersBest products.  Bethany is anxiously anticipating wrapping up her college degree so she can have more time for travel and reach more and more teams for all levels.  For more information visit  and