Georgia Swimming

SeaWolves Swim Team Specialize in New Swimmer Training

Competitive swimming involves 4 different strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly) as well as dives, backstroke starts, and 4 different turns. That is a lot to learn at first but the SeaWolves swim team has taught hundreds of swimmers over the past 12 years and has their own unique way to quickly train new swimmers their strokes. Since the SeaWolves coaches also own they help teams throughout the world train new swimmers through their innovative patented products. The coaches attend trade shows and swim clinics all over the world. Recently Coach Bethany Tilson helped organize and oversee a state-wide training clinic for the entire state of North Carolina along with Team Elite, the only team of professional (after college Olympic) swimmers in the USA. 


The coaches first invented their Jet Boat as a way to help new swimmers learn to kick on their back and stomach with confidence.  Now that the Jet Boat is such a popular item for teams all over the world, the coaches have developed 2 new products over the past year which greatly speeds up the training process and eases the nerves of new swimmers.  “We have developed an extremely safe and comforting process to training new swimmers from scratch.  Our process works for kids as young as 5 or even young teenagers.  Whether they are afraid of the water or just don’t know their strokes, we can help them learn to swim quickly and safely.” Says Coach Nathan.   The SeaWolves are based in Pike county and train in the Gordon college pool.  Their summer sessions for brand new swimmers are starting now.

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