Georgia Swimming

Thank you for your interest in joining the SeaWolves!  We strive to make a home for every swimmer… from those just getting started, to those that are ready to compete at the very top of their age category!  Yes we have some of the best swimmers in the state of Georgia, but that doesn’t mean we don’t offer a fun and inviting place for swimmers that want to enjoy the process of learning all of their strokes and details.  Swimming is a challenging process.  It is both mentally stimulating and physically rewarding.  We do not offer a cookie-cutter process.  Each swimmer will progress through our training process as an individual, not as a group, at their own pace and based on their own effort, skills, and time spent practicing.   Before you join, we invite you to come to our practices and meet the coaches and the parents of our swimmers to understand what makes us different.

These files contain all the applications you need to sign up for our program.  We will need to see your swimmer in the water to get a clear idea of where they should start in our program.  For young, insecure swimmers that need extra help, we may only offer a program for them during our summer season when we accept swimmers that are mostly new to the water.  For other swimmers we typically have openings for all levels of swimmers at any time of the year.  To learn more about our pricing and sessions CLICK HERE

We have swimmers from Pike county (Zebulon) GA, Lamar county (Barnesville) GA, Spalding county (Griffin) GA, Upson county (Thomaston) GA, as well as Butts county GA.

Ready to join?

Here are the steps:

1. Send us an email letting us know that you are interested in swimming with the SeaWolves. You can do that by CLICKING HERE OR send us a direct email to [email protected]

2. We will get back with you ASAP to answer any questions and to set up a day for you to start swimming.

3. Fill out the sign up packet and USA Swimming forms at the pool on your first night or print them using the links below and bring them with you. On your first night we will evaluate where you are currently in your swimming to determine the best swim group for you to start in. Don't worry, we'll only evaluate your swimming if you are comfortable in the water! If you are a new swimmer or new to learning your strokes we'll get you started in our learn to swim or learn 2 stroke groups.

4. Have a blast swimming on a fun team!

We look forward to hearing from you (and swimming with you)!