Georgia Swimming

SeaWolves offers training and practice groups for swimmers 6 years old and up. It is the goal of the Team to offer specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.


**Each swimmer has to pay for a USA registration.  We start all new summer swimmers with the basic $20 fee for USA.**

If you are interested in being in a swim group, set up a time to be evaluated so we can make sure that we get your swimmer in the right group. We currently have three groups running.



Who: comfortable in water (not afraid) and tall enough to stand in the shallow end of pool

Purpose: Learn freestyle and backstroke

Time:     2 swim sessions a week of 1hr each

Cost:     $115/month for 2 practices/week

Plus USA Swimming registration ($72 Premium Membership)

Equipment Needed: $10 Snorkel (which we provide)


Cardio and Race Training

Who: Swimmers that have 4 efficient strokes, good turns and dives, and enough cardio conditioning to withstand prolonged training (based on the coaches’ evaluations)

 Purpose: Provide year round swimmers with the means to swim and compete at the top of their ability and available time

When: 5 swim sessions a week (4) 2 hr and (1) hr sessions / wk

Costs: Based on attendance (the more you come the less you pay)

Plus USA Swimming registration ($72 Premium)

Equipment Needed: Goggles, Snorkel, Swim Fins


Advanced Race Training

Who: Swimmers that have proven they will consistently attend 8+ hours per week (year round) and have the technical skills and conditioning required to train with the current group (special invitation only)

Purpose: to qualify and compete in short course and long-course state events

When:  2 hours x Mon-thur, 3 hours on Saturday

Cost: $110/month

USA Registration ($72 Premium) 

Equipment Needed: Goggles, Snorkel, Swim Fins