Georgia Swimming

New USA Swimming registration process

Dustin Bengston

Beginning Sept 1, 2022 USA Swimming will begin implementing its SWIMS 3.0 Software which will require major changes to the way clubs register their swimmers.  

Parents will now be REQUIRED to create their own account through the USA Swimming website and register their own swimmers for $68 annually. I have included links to PDF directions AND How To Videos at the bottom of this page.

Swim clubs will only be responsible for registering their swimmers with the Georgia Swimming governing body (Georgia LSC).

There are three steps involved in the overall process you need to complete registration of your athlete or official. These three steps are different actions that require you to navigate back and forth between login page and registration page. The steps are described below in detail. Tutorials in both PDF and Video are at the bottom of the page.

In summary
Step 1- Create Login Account (Must be a parent or guardian). Do not attempt to add family member yet. Exit that process and follow registration link below to perform Step 2.
Step 2- REGISTER your athlete or official with USA Swimming (premium membership) which will generate a MEMBER ID for that person.
Step 3- RETURN TO LOGIN and use MEMBER ID provided during registration to ADD FAMILY MEMBER.

Step 1- Create a new login account with USA Swimming

New Members- This is how you control your account with USA Swimming. You will need to upload a digital copy of your child's birth certificate during this process. When you are emailed a member ID, make sure to check your spam folder, if the link does not appear within a minute or so. You will get an email from PingOne or SWIMS to verify your login. Then you will get an email from SWIMS with your member ID once you register with USAS.

Returning Members- This is a completely new database, to the point where your old deck pass won't work. SWIMS 3.0 is a new way for teams and individuals to do business with swim. We can no longer register your child for you. Families must do this themselves.  

Existing members need to follow the link above and create a new login. When you do so, it will send you a new USAS member ID. It is a randomly generated number. They no longer use birthday digits and parts of the child's name. This is a security improvement thankfully. When you create, you will be asked to link your old and new accounts. When they email you the new member ID please check your spam folder. Mine went directly to it within one minute or so.

Step 2-

Follow the link above to register your athlete, coach, or official with USA Swimming (you may have to copy and paste it). You should select premium membership and the cost will be $68. Athlete registrations will require a digital copy of birth certificate to upload. .  During this process you may link your old and new registration. You will receive an email from SWIMS, check your spam folder if it does not show up in your inbox. 

Step 3- Return to the original Login page, add your swimmer or official using the Member ID provided in Step two. You are now finished with this process. Congratulations! It wasn't easy