Tidal Wave Swimming looks to its membership to create the most dynamic and inclusive atmosphere for the swimmers, coaches, and parents.  Our members get involved in a variety of activities and committees.

Swim Meet and other Event Volunteers

All TWS members with active accounts are asked to volunteer for a number of job assignments at TWS hosted meets and events throughout the short course season. It is critical to the success of these events that everyone gets involved!  Our hosted meets for the upcoming 2018-19 short course season will be posted soon but include:

  • Big Brother/Big Sister Meet (September 30, 2018)
  • Tent Raising at Bentwater (October 4-6, 2018) 
  • MAAC-TWS Dual Meet (October 14, 2018)
  • Tent Raising and take-down at Amberton (October 17-19, 2018)
  • TWS Invite Meet (November 30 - December 2 2018)
  • Holiday Party (December 10, 2018)
  • Tidal Wave Awards Ceremony and Senior Recognition (May 8, 2018)
  • Tent take-down at both Bentwater and Amberton (check for dates)

To sign up for meet jobs, just go to the "Events" tab above, and select "Job Signup" under the meet(s) and/or event(s)  for which you are able to volunteer. After you have selected the box by your job, make sure to select "save".

The table below contains descriptions of the various meet job assignments:


Help the computer operator enter information in Meet Manager. Bring meet information to and from the clerk of course. Assist in printing heat sheets for timer clip boards.

Concessions Worker

Work with the Concessions Coordinator setting up before the meet, selling during the meet, and cleaning up afterwards. For more information on volunteering for this, please contact our Concessions  OPEN POSITION

Information Desk

Sell heat sheets and check in volunteers.  Must inform the Volunteer Coordinator if there are any no-shows or shortages of volunteers.  Must be available during warm-ups.  May also be involved in fund-raising activities such as selling raffle tickets, etc. This job can only be fulfilled one time per season per family


Work with the Hospitality Coordinator to organize food/drink donations and set up the room for the coaches/officials to eat during the meet. Coordinator: Monique Vidoli


Distribute entry information and revised heat sheets to coaches and officials prior to the start of the meet.  Collect timing sheets from timers and DQ slips from Stroke & Turn Officials.  Collect and post meet results.


Timers are required to be at a timers' meeting approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet.  Timers are expected to work the entire session.  We need at least two in each lane plus two back-up timers.

Members are asked to sign up according to the following criteria:

  1. An active account is defined as the person(s) whose names are listed as parents/guardians for one or more swimmers that are participating and paying dues during the short course season.

  2. Each active account will be required to sign up for 4 separate job assignments for the entire season (note, this can change year to year based on the number meets we host).  For example, if Mom on one account signs up for and works 2 jobs and Dad on the same account signs up for and works 2 jobs, that account’s obligation is fulfilled regardless of the number of swimmers on that account.

  3. Accounts with members that presently fulfill the following roles in the organization will be exempt from the above requirements:  Officials, Coordinators (i.e. Concessions, Hospitality, Meet Director), and Board Members.

  4. For each job assignment a member account fails to sign up and work short of the requirement, a penalty of $50 will be assessed that account.

  5. You may be allowed to have another member work any number of your assignments for you, but please bear in mind that it will be your responsibility to find a replacement.  If another member works one or more assignments for you, you will get the credit for having fulfilled the requirement.  No “extra credit” will be awarded the other member(s) that were involved.

  6. If, during the course of the season, you find that you will be unavailable for an assignment for which you’ve signed up, contact the Volunteer Coordinator  to work out a swap with one of the other members.

  7. Members may sign up for the position of Information Desk only once per season.  All other job assignments may be selected multiple times by a given member.

  8. When signing up for jobs on the website, be sure to check one box per person you are volunteering.  Example:  If both Mom and Dad are volunteering as timers in a meet Saturday morning and Sunday morning, you will check four boxes – one per person per session.

  9. Members will report in for their volunteer assignments by signing in at the information desk.

  10. The deadline for signup will posted for each event.

Tent Volunteers

The volunteer requirements for active accounts may also be fulfilled by signing up to assist with raising or take-down of the tent at our Bentwater or Amberton training facility.  The above rules apply here as well.  To sign up as a tent volunteer, just go to the "Events" tab above, and select "Job Signup" under the tent activity(s) for which you are able to volunteer.