2019 Long Course Event Schedule

Jim McGinnis
Mar 8, 2019

2019 Long Course (Summer) Event Schedule

Date                            Event                                      Location                     Type             Eligble

Mar 29 – Apr 7           Spring break – no team practice

April 10-12                 Amberton Tent Removal         Amberton

April 27-28                 LC Kickoff                               GA Tech                     TF                Open

May 3-4                      Bentwater Tent Removal         Bentwater

May 8                         Awards & Senior Recognition  Northstar Church

May 17-19                  Atlanta Classic                         GA Tech                       P/F               QT

May 18-19                  Classic LC Sprint Meet            GATech                        TF                Open

*May 31 – June 2      Tom Lalor Invite                        Pensacola, FL             TF                 Open

June 1-2                     Betsy Dunbar                           GA Tech                      TF                 Open

June 21-23                 Stu Hixon Meet                        Mountain View             P/F                Open

July 5-7                      GA Open LC Champs             GA Tech                       P/F                Open

July 18-21                  14 & Under State                    GA Tech                       P/F                 QT

July 26-28                  Senior State                            UGA                             P/F                 QT

Jul 30 – Aug 3           Southern Zones                      Cary, NC                      P/F                Qualify

-“Open” refers to meets where all swimmers are eligible.  “QT” meets require swimmers to meet a time standard in order to compete.  “Qualify” is a special selection process to assemble a Georgia All-star team.

- In the event of a National Holiday, we will follow the Saturday practice schedule.

*Team travel trip.  Information to come as it is available.

Activities are subject to change.