2021-22 School Year Training Schedule

Jim McGinnis

Training schedules for 2021-22 school year:


Group                                                Practie Time M-F                                           Saturday

GWS                                                   3:40-4:35 pm                                                  10:15-11:15 am

EAG                                                    3:40-5:00 pm                                                  10:15-11:15 am

AAG                                                    3:40-5:25 pm                                                  10:15-11:30 am

SR1/AHS                                            4:35-7:10 pm                                                  8:00-10:15 am

EL                                                       5:10-7:10 pm                                                  10:15 am–12:00 pm

MSHSS                                                6:05-8:00 pm                                                 

SEL                                                     6:05-8:25 pm (8:00 pm Friday)                       8:00-10:15 am


-Schedule begins Tuesday, September 7th, 2021

-Schedules may be adjusted during school breaks.

-MSHSS swimmers who wish to train on Saturday morning should discuss which practice is appropriate with their coach.