2018-19 Short Course Event Schedule

Aug 15, 2018

2018-19 Tidal Wave SC Event Schedule

Date                                      Event                                           Location                                Type                       Eligible

September 4                        First day of Practice                  Amberton/ Bentwater

September 15                     Parents Meeting                         Bentwater

September 22                     Swim Across America              Lake Lanier

September 30                     Big Brother/ Big Sister            CobbAquatics                          TF                          Open

October 4-6                       Bentwater Tent Raising              Bentwater

October 14                        TWS-MAAC Dual                       Cobb Aquatics                       TF                          Open

October 17-19                   Amberton Tent Raising            Amberton        

November 10-11                IMX Invite                                   Mountain View                       TF                         Open

Nov 30 – Dec 2                  TWS Invite                                 Cobb Aquatics                       PF/ TF                    Open

December 7-9                   Senior State                               GA Tech                                 PF                          QT

December 10                      Tidal Wave Holiday Party         Northstar Church

January 5-6                          ABSC Meet                                  UGA                                      TF                      Open

*January 18-20                  Coaches Invite                          Mountain View                      PF/ TF                   Open

**January 19-20                GT Winter Kick-off                    GA Tech                                TF                          Open

February 2-3                     Georgia Open                            GA Tech                                PF/ TF                    Open

February 8-9                    High School States                   GA Tech                                 PF                          HS

February 10                      10 & Under Tri-Meet                  Mountain View                       TF                          Open

February 15-17                 14 & Under States                     GA Tech                                PF/ TF                    QT

Feb 28-Mar 3                    Southern Premier                     Knoxville, TN                          PF                           QT

March 9                             Warren Stephens                     Dynamo                                  TF                        Open 

March 12-16                      NCSA Junior Nationals           Orlando                                   PF                           QT

March 22-24                      Northern Divisionals               Mountain View                       PF/ TF                    Open

April 1-5                            School Spring Break – No practice

May 8                                TWS Awards Ceremony           Northstar Church                          


-Activities are subject to change.

-Due to the Swim Across America event at Lake Lanier on September 22nd, practice will be limited.

-“Open” refers to meets where all swimmers are eligible.  “QT” meets require swimmers to meet a time standard to compete

-All swimmers should plan on attending the BB/BS meet, the TWS-MAAC Dual meet, the TWS Invite, and Northern Divsionals

*Meet is for team members age 13 & over.

**Meet is for team members age 12 & under