We are always looking for individuals who are insterested in becoming a USA Swimming Official. This is a volunteer position that helps the teams run our Swim Meets efficiently and also supports our team out by having the ability to provide the necessary officials for our hosted meets without much need for outside assistance.

As an additional bonus, becoming a USA Swimming Official as part of the Tidal Wave Family allows you to satisfy all of your Volunteer requirements for the entire year as long as you officiate at our Team Hosted events.

Volunteering as a Swim Official has become easier than before. Training sessions are now available online. The test is an open book/notes test that allows you to reference any materials needed to take the test. In addition, if you pass the test and satisfy the requirements for becoming an official, Tidal Wave will reimburse some of your expenses related to becoming an Official. You can talk to one of the Coaches to find out more.

If you are interested, you can check out the Online training videos at the link below. 


For any questions or comments, you can also email Tim Schoeff at [email protected]. As always, thank you for being a vital part of Tidal Wave Swimming!