Volunteer Contacts


BILLING & ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE: Kit Robertson volunteers to manage this process for us. If you have any questions or concerns with billing, please email her at frobertson7@gmail.com 

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: Lisa Borden coordinates our volunteer program. Our program depends on the dedicated support of our parents and friends, so email her with any questions at

SPIRIT WEAR: Ann-Marie Charleston is our Spirit Wear Coordinator. You can reach her at DartGTX@comcast.net

HOSPITALITY: Monique Vidoli is our Hospitality Coordinator. Please contact her with any offers to help serve at our hosted meets. 



Welcome to the Club House

PROUD PARENTS  Please share your favorite photos of your swimmers and their friends for use on our web-site and in team slide shows. E-mail pictures to jpanderson05@gmail.com. We want all swimmers, of all ages, represented!!!.


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Parents contribute to the success experienced by the child and the team. Parents serve as role models and their children emulate their attitudes. Be aware of this and strive to be positive role models. Most importantly, show good sportsmanship at all times toward coaches, officials, opponents and teammates. Remember that you are teaching your child at all times.

What success is

Only one swimmer can win the race. Often in the younger age groups the winner will be the one who has bloomed early, not necessarily the swimmer with the most talent or the most potential to succeed in senior swimming. It is expected that every parent wants his child to succeed, wants his child to have a good and learning and valuable experience with swimming. Every child can succeed—only make sure you define success correctly: being the best you can be, striving for improvement in every aspect of swimming. That leads to lasting success. And lasting enjoyment.


Work, work, work

Persistence and work ethic are the most important qualities leading to success in swimming and everything else. And if a work ethic is not created and cultivated when a swimmer is young it very likely will never appear. It is so rare as not to be an option that a kid who is a slacker from ages seven to fourteen will suddenly change his spots and become a hard worker. Love and pride in hard work must be inculcated early on, and again parents and coaches have much influence in creating this attitude.


Fun, fun, fun

If "fun" means mindless entertainment and sensory bombardment, then wasting hours playing video games is loads of fun and swimming is by definition "not fun." If "fun" means working hard and challenging yourself. lf taking pride in accomplishing difficult goals, and discovering talents you didn’t know you had, then swimming is fun and video game, by definition, is "not fun." The meaning of fun is very much an open question for children and one where parents and coaches have much influence over their charges. Are we building a nation of energized achievers or lifeless couch potatoes?

The earth is 75% water – can you swim?