*You should always stretch before your meet; stretch for about 20 minutes at home, doing arm swings, and stretching those quads, especially for breast strokers.

*It's a good idea to elevate your feet for about an hour while you're resting. Lay on your back and put your feet up on a chair. Breathe slowly and deeply. Now is a good time to do visualization of your race strategies or relaxation exercises.

*Remember to always keep your goggles and cap near at all times, and watch the board so you can be prepared for your event.

* Just relax, don't stress out over anything, and enjoy yourself, meets are a good opportunity to bond with friends and make new ones.

* Especially during the summer, you need a ton of water. Four to six water bottles should get you through the meet.

*Never drink any kinds of energy or soft drinks on race day, it will only clear out your electrolytes and stress your muscles.

*Smoothies are a convenient alternative to solid food that will nourish your body with needed vitamins and minerals before you swim.


*****Do you have a problem with goggles fogging?

 We have the secret solution: Johnson’s baby shampoo, water, and a spray bottle.

You can get these items at the Dollar Tree or Dollar General, Walmart, Target, etc.

Mix half Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and half water. Shake to mix.

 The night before a swim practice or swim meet, spray the goggles…1 squirt / spray in each side of the goggles. Let them sit overnight and dry. Do not let the mixture drain out. About 5-10 minutes before you get into the water, RINSE the goggles REALLY… REALLY…well in the pool…Make sure you  rub with fingers inside the goggles while rinsing, then rinse again. Make sure you do not feel any residue on the sides or on the lens. That is it. FOG FREE for the practice or meet