Wecome to Valdosta Aquatics (VAST)


Welcome to Valdosta Aquatics!  We are a year-round USA Swimming club team located in South Georgia. As you can see in the statements below, we help swimmers become better people and athletes through the sport of swimming. 

Mission, Vision, Purpose and Safety Philosophy:

Vision Statement: We envision a world in which everyone uses swimming as a conduit to recreation, competition, and a healthier life. This process begins with water safety and continues through a lifetime of skill development, personal improvement, social interactions, competitive opportunities and just plain fun!

Mission Statement: We Value All Swimmers Together. Guided by our core values of character, excellence, communication, positive mindset, and presence; we teach everyone to become better swimmers, athletes, teammates, and individuals, who are more than capable to give back to our communities and sport.

Purpose StatementWe provide

  1. Swim Lessons for babies (Infant Swimming Resource--ISR), children, and adults;
  2. Swim Teams for all levels of competition;
  3. and Life Lessons through daily instruction and periodic seminars about movement, mindset, recovery, nutrition and sleep. *

*Respectfully borrowed from Ryan Flaherty, Senior Director of Nike Performance and the “Nike Trained” podcast.

Our History

On October 3, 2016, Valdosta Aquatics Swim Team (VAST) opened the gate at the Stone Creek Golf Club pool and invited swimmers to improve their swimming skills and represent the greater Valdosta community in competition. Valuing All Swimmers Together (VAST) is more than another creative way to use our acronym, it underlies our core values: character, excellence, communication, positive mindset and presence. This means that we are focused on helping our swimmers respecting others – even competitors; doing their best at all times; talking openly, honestly and timely; encouraging their teammates; and focusing on making the most of their opportunities to improve at practices. Guided by the core values, we teach everyone to become better swimmers, athletes, teammates, and individuals, who are more than capable to give back to our communities and sport.

As the only USA Swimming/Georgia Swimming team in the Lowndes/Valdosta area, VAST competes monthly at our pool in mini meets as well as throughout Georgia and the U.S. We teach children and youths how to set and achieve goals as our program progresses swimmers from learning how to swim to learning how to train to training to compete. This step-by-step, fun and engaging progression of skill development extends beyond just our club team. Swimmers who train with VAST also can be found representing Lowndes High School, Valdosta High School and The Valwood School at Regional and State competitions. Indeed, this is a quality program that reaches to all levels of swimming in Georgia.

VAST is also more than a swim team. Valdosta Aquatics provides swim lessons from 6-months old to adult. Yes, we help babies and young children learn the valuable skills of survival swimmers through our ISR certified instructions – the premiere self-rescuing swimming program. Since starting this program two years ago, we have heard from several families in which young children have saved themselves when they fell into a backyard pool. We could not be prouder of this extension of our work. Also, we teach young swimmers how to be more efficient in the water through our stroke lessons program. This has helps swimmers get stronger, improve their confidence around water and, in some cases, prepare for swimming on our summer league and club teams. Finally, for all the adults that wanted to learn to swim, we give one-on-one adult lessons. In all, Valdosta Aquatics is a complete swimming program.