Welcome to Valdosta Aquatics Swim Team (VAST)

Welcome to Valdosta AquaticsWe envision a world in which everyone uses swimming as a conduit to recreation, competition, and a healthier life. This process begins with water safety and continues through a lifetime of skill development, personal improvement, social interactions, competitive opportunities and just plain fun!

We Value All Swimmers Together. Guided by our core values of character, excellence, communication, positive mindset, and presence; we teach everyone to become better swimmers, athletes, teammates, and individuals, who are more than capable to give back to our communities and sport.

We provide swim lessons for babies (Infant Swimming Resource--ISR), children, and adults; swim teams for all levels of competition; and life lessons through daily instruction and periodic seminars about movement, mindset, recovery, nutrition and sleep.*


Our club began on October 3, 2016 to meet the goals of swimmers in Valdosta, GA who needed a full-functioning year-round club team that allowed them to compete at the all levels of meets.  Within a year, the club built to 75 swimmers competing at the local, state, and sectional levels and had expanded programs from a club team to include a summer league team and swim school.  The pool was covered for winter, which allowed for swimmers to swim indoors for the first time in Valdosta.  With all this success, Valdosta Aquatics continues to build the swimming community by accomplishing their goal, vision, and mission.

VAST focuses on building the swimming community.  Our goal is to teach the young athletes the principles of sport culture, swimming techniques, good sportsmanship, healthy living, social responsibility, and excellence in all endeavors.  Our vision is to become a full-service swimming organization that meets the needs of the community, state, and nation. Our mission is to offer and continuously develop an organized, progressive age-group program that strives to field the strongest team at all levels of competition—developmental, regional, state, and national.  We endeavor to fulfill our goal, vision, and mission because we believe that swimming is a sport for life.  As a member of our team, we expect you to comply with all expectations expressed in our code of conduct and through our core values.

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*Respectfully borrowed from Ryan Flaherty, Senior Director of Nike Performance and the “Nike Trained” podcast.