In the South, we escape hot temperatures through air conditioning and cool pools. Luckily for you, Valdosta Aquatics has both!

Why? Because … We have moved to VSU Recreation Center!

Yes, we are indoors at the BEST facilities in South Georgia. This also means:

  • Earlier start to a longer season – May 15 – July 29
  • Earlier times in the day –
    • 4:30-5:30pm May 15 - May 25 (during the school year) and
    • 5-6pm May 31 - July 29 (once school is out).
  • Nicer facilities – Cleaner and bigger for a better sports experience

Find out the summer league schedule here!

Additionally, VAST has leveled up!

We joined the South Georgia Summer League. The best teams in South Georgia created a league with shorter, well-run swim meets culminating in a South Georgia State Championship at the end of the summer. Meets are always optional, but for those who want a GREAT summer league competition experience, this is the BEST in the state!

Join by click here NOW!

But, why summer league? Great question!

Summer league is the entry point into swimming. This fun, friendly and low-stress environment allows your swimmer to focus on technique as they become stronger as an athlete and teammate.

Find out the summer league schedule here!

As a parent, I want my children to participate in a fun activities in the summer that help them stay active, meet friends and learn something new rather than stay home on screens because it is so hot outside. It’s a balancing act with all the schedules … It’s like cooking the perfect dish.

We have all had great food. If the cooks use high quality ingredients and the right combination of spices, they can make a meal that tastes perfect (umami!) and seems to strengthen the soul! Similarly, the Valdosta Aquatics’ Summer League Team takes the best coaches, facilities and program (high quality ingredients) and mixes the perfect blend of technique, fun and friends (spices) in a safe, clean environment to help your swimmers become an improved athlete, better teammate and safer swimmer (umami!). In short, it’s a great recipe for summer!

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to get ready for summer by signing up NOW!

We hope to see you again this year on deck!

Summer League Swim Team registration is OPEN. Click Here to Register!!!