Registration & Session Enrollment

  • New customer registration and session enrollment is available online in the Customer Portal, in person or by phone.  Payment is due at the time of Session enrollment.
  • Each class has a maximum number of spaces. Register early to guarantee your enrollment.
  • Once registration is available for a season's sessions, customers are encouraged to sign-up in advance for ALL preferred sessions. Doing this consolidates work for the customer and reserves placement. Feel free to consult with the office staff for help when estimating class progression.  Level adjustments are allowed for any pre-registered students.
  • If a student is the SOLE REGISTRANT or SOLE PARTICIPANT, then the class will be limited to 30 minutes OR the class will be canceled. Valdosta Aquatics will notify the customer in the event of a cancellation to transfer enrollment or offer a refund.
  • Instructor requests are always welcomed, but CANNOT be guaranteed.
  • Valdosta Aquatics DOES NOT automatically re-register customers for additional session sessions.

Absences & Make  Up  Classes

  • Illness with Doctor's Excuse: When a Doctor's note is provided a Valdosta Aquatics Credit will be issued into your account for use as payment toward your next registration.
  • All Other Absences: Valdosta Aquatics ONLY excuses and credits absences due to illness with a provided Doctor's Note. Valdosta Aquatics encourages you to attend all classes for which you registered.
  • Make Up Classes: If there is space available within the current Session, then you can purchase a make-up class for $10.00. Make Up Classes are never guaranteed and are dependent on availability.

Customer Cancelations, Changes and Session Transfers

  • The DEADLINE or Session Changes, Cancellations and/or Transfers is TWO DAYS prior to each Session's starting date.  Any Changes, Cancellation and/or Transfers required after this time will incur a penalty of $20.00 plus the charge of each class date that has already passed.

Pool Closing and Valdosta Aquatics Class Cancelations

  • In the event  of a pool  closing  due  to snow, tornados, thunder or extreme weather conditions, cancellation notices will be posted on our website:   www.Valdosta In addition, a Valdosta Aquatics Credit will be issued to the family's account for use as payment toward their next registration.
  • Valdosta Aquatics' pool is not grounded and will be close during lighting or thunderstorms.
  • In the unlikely occurrence of a class cancellation due to pool maintenance, instructor absence, lightning, or any other extenuating circumstance, Valdosta Aquatics will notify the customer by email and/or phone of the cancellation. In addition, a Valdosta Aquatics Credit will be issued to the family's account for use a payment toward their next registration or be allowed to schedule a make-up class, if space is available.

Preparation for  the First Day of Class

  • For all swimming classes a swimsuit and a towel are required. Goggles are recommended for all levels.
  • On the first day of the session, the instructors will call class rosters on the pool deck near the office door.  Please see the supervisor on deck promptly if the student’s name is not called.
  • Please arrive at least five (5) minutes before class is scheduled to start.
  • Students are NOT allowed to enter the pool before class or stay in the pool after dismissed.
  • Skill knowledge and performance are evaluated on the first day to ensure all students were properly placed during the initial evaluation or from the prior lesson.  If the instructor recommends a different level, see the supervisor to make the necessary modifications to your registration.
  • All swimmers must be POTTY TRAINED in order to take lessons.
  • If there are any medical circumstances, learning disabilities or water experiences that can be of assistance in teaching the student, please notify the instructor before the first class begins.

Student & Parent Protocol

  • Children six (6) years and older must use the gender appropriate restroom.
  • Parents should encourage their child to use the restroom BEFORE CLASS and be available to take the child during class, if needed.
  • Parents are allowed to wait and watch on the bleachers outside the gate during classes. The pool decks must be kept clear for safety and to limit distraction.
  • Parents are allowed to leave the facility when they have secured their child under the direct supervision of their instructor.
  • Parents must be present five (5) minutes prior to class ending to meet and pick-up children.
  • Valdosta Aquatics strives to keep a safe, family-friendly environment. In the circumstance that management feels someone is putting themselves in danger, putting others in danger, demonstrating inappropriate behavior, abusing the facility or becoming aggressive, that person will be asked to leave the facility and  their registration will be terminated.
  • If a student defecates in the pool, it is critical that the office staff be notified immediately. The student (regardless of age) then is required to wear both a disposable swim diaper and a vinyl cover under their swimwear.  Multiple incidents will result in dismissal from Valdosta Aquatics.
  • Management reserves the right to terminate registration at any point.  In this event, an adjusted refund will be offered.