Welcome to VAST Swim School!

Welcome to Valdosta Aquatics Swim School at the Stone Creek Golf Club.  We are a year-round lessons program that builds the skill levels of all swimmers from beginners to advanced, from children to adults.  With lessons inside during the cold of fall and winter and outdoors during the warmth spring and summer, we have the facilities and expertise to help any swimmer improve through every season!

School Year Session Highlights

Who: Everyone is welcome - young and older.  Children must be potty trained.

30 Minute Classes: Each class meets for 30 minutes in length.

Monthly Sessions (Fall/Winter/Spring): Sessions are scheduled for a month at a time. Sessions lasts four weeks within the month with possible modifications due to holidays.  Once you select your day and time, then attend that same class at that day of the week and time each week for that month (session).  To maintain skills and gradual advancement, choose 1 day per week. For faster skill advancement, choose 2 days per week. 

Summer Session: During Summer, each session is one week in length to fit the various schedules of our swimming families.  Each class (40 minutes/class) is scheduled for four days per week--Monday through Thursday at the same time of the day.  This is a lot of swimming and each student should only take one class per session in the summer.

Cost: $25 VAST annual registration fee for first session of the year/ $90.00 per student for 4x40 lessons for the month/ $157.50 per student for 8x40 lessons for the month (second lessons for Fall/Winter/Spring monthly sessions only).

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