Georgia Swimming

Swim Meet

Steps for Joining the Swim Team  


Step 1: Swimmers must be evaluated by coaches. An Ability Group will be assigned or Swim Lessons recommended. Email [email protected] to schedule your evaluation.

- Come to the pool with swimsuit already on and introduce yourself to a coach. Then wait under the awning. The coach will come get the swimmer to enter the water.

- Swimmers will then demonstrate their ability to swim 50 yards freestyle, 25 yards backstroke and kick 25 yards with a kick board. The length of our pool is 25 yards. (Swimmers 14 and over should be able to demonstrate all 4 competitive strokes: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly)

- Coaches will then assign the group.

  Signing Up   


Step 2: Those assigned to the swim team should register using the button to the right.  Those recommended to swim lessons should visit the Lessons tab in the upper menu bar.



Step 3: A 30 day written notice must be emailed to the Coaches and Administrative Assistant when leaving the t eam  (for a break or permanently). The WRA billing system must be updated  to reflect changes. An emailed notice is mandatory.