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Pacific Swimming
Board of Directors

A volunteer board of directors, elected by the general membership, runs the Gilroy Gators Swim Team. Current members, their offices, duties and contact information are as follows:


 President  Christopher Stevenson
 Vice President  Carlie Fickes
 Secretary  Chris Henderson
 Treasurer  Julie Collins
 Co-Treasurer  Vacant
 Membership Chairperson  Jackie Stevenson 
 Co-Membership Chairperson  Christy Tuma
 GGMS Representative  Chris Klein 
 Volunteer Coordinator  Rita Bernath
 Co-Volunteer Coordinator  Michael Teel
 Ways & Means Chairperson  Jana D'jakova


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PRESIDENT  - Elected annually, conducts all Board and general membership meetings and assumes such other duties as is normal to this office. The President is a voting member of the Board.

VICE PRESIDENT - Elected annually, aids the president. The VP chairs the selection committee for hiring team staff and negotiation of contracts, as well as other duties. The Vice President is a voting member of the board.

SECRETARY - Elected annually, keeps Minutes of meetings of the membership and the Board of Directors and performs all duties normal to this office, and those assigned by the president or by the Board. Maintains the Team Unify Website, Team Store, Forms, Layout/Design Ads, and Social Media. The Secretary is a voting member of the board.

TREASURER - Elected annually, collects all money and deposits them, makes out all checks for the clubs bills; maintains an accurate record of receipts and disbursements; Presents a current statement of accounts at every meeting. The Treasurer is a voting member of the Board.

CO-TREASURER - Elected annually, is elected biennially for a two-year term. The first year to serve as Co-Treasurer in a training and assisting capacity to the Treasurer, and the following year to serve as Treasurer. The Co-Treasurer is a voting member of the Board.

MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR - Elected annually, is responsible for maintaining current membership roster (using Team Unify management system). Is a voting member of the board.

CO-MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR - Elected annually, shall be responsible for maintaining a current team roster; ensure that all swimmers are registered with Pacific Swimming; assist treasurer in the collection of dues; maintain a Gilroy Gators Swim Team Handbook; ensure medical forms and swimmers information are kept current; staff the pool office; meet prospective members and inform them of the requirements and all functions of the organization; organize annual swim clinics; and work with the coaches to promote membership.  The Membership Chairperson is a voting member of the board.

WAYS & MEANS COORDINATOR - Elected annually, shall be responsible for all team fundraising activities. This position is responsible to secure co-chairs for the Ad Campaign, Swim-for-Funds, Garlic Festival Booth, Garlic Festival Garbage Detail, and Corporate Sponsorships.  The Ways and Means Chairperson is a voting member of the board.

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR - Elected annually, secures volunteers for all GGST hosted swim meets, timers at away meets, and assists in securing volunteers for all fundraising and social events. The Volunteer Coordinator is a voting member of the Board.

CO-VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR -  Elected annually,  Assists Volunteer Coordinator in all related tasks. NOT A VOTING MEMBER OF THE BOARD

Elected annually, ensures that volunteer positions are filled with team members for swim meets and other important team activities.  Assists membership in managing and monitoring membership volunteer hours.  The Volunteer Coordinator is a voting member of the board.

GGST Board Meetings

The GGST Board Meetings are held monthly.

When:  2nd Tuesday of the Month @ 7pm

Location:  Zoom Invite

All swim team members are welcome and encouraged to attend. 


Stroke & Turn official
Meet Director
Co-Meet Director
Head Timer
Clerk of Course
Shopping for the swim meet supplies
Snack bar Chair
Snack bar worker
Officials Lunch
Volunteer Coordinator Assistant
Head Marshall
Entries Chair
First Aid
Team Store Sales
Meet Program Printer/Organizer


Membership records
Treasurer Assistant
Attendance records audit/history
Clean / Organize Container
Volunteer Coordinator Asst
Research/data analysis requests
Inventory/stock office supplies
Team Photo (Annual) Chair
Parent Social(s) Chair
Lost & Found Cleanup
Event Photos for Website
Swimmer Social(s) Chair(s)
Team records Chair
Spring Swim Clinic Chair
Garlic Festival Chair
Web Site Admin & Updates
Team Suit Chair
Summer Awards Chair
Summer Fundraiser Chair
Winter Awards Chair
Team Store Chair
Awards Chair
Zone Representative
Team Store ordering & sales
Awards Chair Assistant (order)
Volunteer Coordinator / Chair
Inventory/stock first aid kits
Membership Chair Assistant
Poolside display case updates
Newsletter compilation
Flyer printing/distribution
GGST Handbook updates
EScrip / Nob Hill Cards
Pacific Swim Coordinator
Safety Coordinator
Membership Committee
Records Committee
Awards Committee
Ways and Means Committee
Equipment Purchase Committee
Publicity Committee
Membership office window
Team Spirit Chair
Team Spirit Committee


 Volunteer Coordinator
Vice President
Membership Chairperson
 Co-Volunteer Coordinator
Membership Co-Chairperson
  GGSM Representative
Co-Treasurer Ways and Means Chair