What and who are we?

The Glen Oaks Sea Lions are a recreational swim team located in Carmichael California and are part of the Northern California Swim League (NorCal).  We are a little over 200 swimmers strong and members of the Comstock Conference in the Nor Cal Swim League. Glen Oaks Sea Lions have a long tradition of being a competitive and fast recreational swim team which takes pride in forcussing on the fundamentals and self goals. In the summer of 2006 and 2007, Glen Oaks won both the Comstock Championship as well as the Meet of Champions. 

Glen Oaks is a private member swim and tennis club.  To become a member of the summer swim team, your family must be a member of the Glen Oaks Swim and Tennis Club.  For more information about membership, please contact our club at 916-967-7022 and leave a message for the club manager or visit the clubs website HERE. The fall/winter swim program and March Clinics are open to non Glen Oaks members. 

Glen Oaks runs two main swim seasons per year.  The largest season is the summer season which runs from April through early August.  The summer season is the one that participates in the NorCal swim league.  The second season is the fall program which runs from September through November.  The winter swim session is an extention of the fall program and will be offered most years. Yes, the pool is heated!

The coaching staff at Glen Oaks is an excellent group of coaches that collectively have over 75 years of swim experience!  This does not mean that they are old! (Well actually, Gary is as old as the hills)  It means they have been dedicated to swimming their entire lives!  We are lucky to have them.  Read more about our coaching staff here.

What are we about

Glen Oaks swim team is a team that likes to win but still focuses upon the development of the swimmer as an individual.  Each swimmer is encouraged to set goals relative to their own capabilities and at the same time contribute to the team.  Getting fast is great - but being a good sport, showing discipline and team spirit is what makes you a winner on our team!