Hello Sea Lions

We are excited that after a lot of discussion both at the league level, as well as our team, that we can open registration for the 2021 swim season. Although there are still many unknowns in terms of how to safely run a meet and how many spectators will be allowed on deck (just to name a few), what we do know is that our coaches along with the swim board and the club board have worked very hard at creating a schedule that will be COVID safe and effective for everyone!


Registration is now open..... however, you will see that it will look a little different than in years past. You will find that practice times this spring are different.  This has been done to optimize the number of swimmers we can bring on deck during a practice and to be COVID safe. We have to limit the number of swimmers allowed in each workout.  With that being said, we ask you all to be patient and flexible with us as we navigate through this. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you register your swimmer. 


  1. Club members that swam in the 2019/2020 season will have first priority.  This will end on Sunday, March 21st.

  2. ALL workout times are tentative! We will have to adjust as the numbers come in. Again, this is all to be COVID compliant. 

  3. In order for each swimmer to get the most out of each practice, and to accommodate the anticipated numbers, the 9/10 and 11/12 groups may possibly have two practice times. It will be the discretion of the coaches to place swimmers based on ability. By doing this, the coaching staff make sure practices run more efficiently and smoothly and to allow every child to swim. 

  4. The league has allowed 19 year old swimmers who did not get to swim in a season last year to return for this year only. These swimmers will be put on a waitlist to accommodate 15/18’s first. 


We saw great results in our fall and winter programs by running the practice groups in this way, so we know that it works! What we learned was that in some case it was more efficient and effective to coach your swimmers grouped by ability. We are immensely proud of the programs that we have been able to run over the past year.  After a year of so much uncertainty we are ready to get back to what we know and love and we know you are too!  However, we still need to be as safe and effective as we can be. 


Thank you in advance and we can’t wait to see you on deck!

Laura McHugh- GOSL Swim Team President

Roxanne Mefford- GOSL Head Coach