The Bay Area Aquanauts, Inc. (AQUA) was formed in August 2000 with a vision to establish a premier year-round swim program for the communities in and around the Clear Lake and Friendswood areas. The club’s membership started with 60 athletes of all abilities and ages, from the beginning swimmer to the most competitive skilled swimmer.

When a family joins AQUA, it should expect the team to emphasize the values of commitment, teamwork, conditioning, and sportsmanship. The mission of the AQUA Board members and coaching staff is to work in tandem with swimmers and parents to minimize the gap between a swimmer’s potential and performance.


AQUA’s team focus is to develop swim athletes by stressing quality instruction before quantity. Team practices/workouts will be managed efficiently and structured according to age and ability of the swimmer. The ultimate goal is to ensure that swim athletes for all ages groups (swim levels) have a positive/successful swimming experience.

Swimming is a unique sport where learning transcends the pool into everyday life experiences. The attributes of the swimmer athlete — i.e., confidence in one’s abilities, high self-esteem, goal-setting, perseverance, self-discipline, commitments, and courage to take on a challenge — ensure success in the pool, classroom, and future life challenges.

Through swimming, the year-round swim athlete will learn physical, emotional, and intellectual skills that will last a lifetime. Memories of the medals and records will fade with time. The development of interpersonal skills, discipline, goal-setting, and high self-esteem serves the swim athlete for his/her entire life.