Have you stopped receiving emails from Aquastar?  If so, please follow these steps:

1. Login to your email account web server.  Add [email protected] to your contacts list.  Emails from the team will come from that email address.  Listing that email address as a contact will reduce the probability of the email being tagged as spam.  

2. Check your email spam or junk folder for team emails.  Many email servers allow you designate emails sent from [email protected] should not be considered spam.  

3.  If you're still not receiving team emails, it is likely that your email service provider marked the email as spam and notified the sender (TeamUnify).  This is very common with Yahoo email accounts.  When that happens TeamUnify will suppress the email address, preventing the system from attempting to send to that address again.

If you suspect your email address has been suppressed by TeamUnify, contact [email protected] for assistance.  Once your email has been unsuppressed you should receive team communication again.