CCISD has begun charging programs for PE Waiver utlization. As a result, each athlete requesting a PE Waiver from AQUASTAR will be charged $20.

Here is the CCISD web page on their PE Waiver info: CCISD PE WAIVER WEB SITE

INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL PE WAIVERSParents must track their athlete’s AQUASTAR attendance at practice.  You may track the attendance on calendars from Wal-Mart, etc., or download blank calendar templates from Microsoft Word, etc., or the Internet.

PE Waiver request forms are available at CCISD intermediate and elementary schools. Ask your counselor for these forms.

For those new to the process, a PE waiver is a procedure whereby an athlete’s documented participation in an organized athletic activity outside of school — such as our AQUASTAR club swimming — allows the student to skip PE classes at school and have a study hall period instead. Each school year requires a PE waiver request application.

The key word is "documented participation."  Here is the procedure that must be followed:

  2. Complete the form and give to an AQUASTAR parent-on-deck at the pool, to give to Coach Harold. He will then verify your eligibility and sign the application form, and return it to you, along with a "program description" that tells the CCISD what your athlete does in practice. Note the waiver requires at least 5 hours/week of practice in weeks where CCISD is in session.
  3. Forward the completed signed form, and program description write-up from Coach Harold, to the main CCISD athletic office. You may mail it to the League City address on the form, or fax to the district athletic office at 281-284-9907. You may then want to confirm with your campus counselor that they have received the information from the district at some time later, when the next semester schedules are being generated.
  4. Once the semester starts — i.e., the first day of school in August or January — PARENTS MUST TRACK THE ATHLETE’S DAILY ATTENDANCE AT AQUASTAR PRACTICE. Many use a small wall calendar like those given away at Walgreen’s, etc., and write in each daily block the location and hours practiced for each day of the month when the athlete attended practice. Others track via a written daily log. But the key is to track every day in a way that Coach Harold can verify against our own daily attendance-tracking.
  5. Turn in your attendance tracking into Coach Harold the second-to-last week before the end of each 9-week grading period. He must have time to verify and then get the information to the schools. He will assign a numerical grade for the student’s report card. MAKE SURE COACH HAROLD KNOWS THE COUNSELOR WHO SHOULD RECEIVE THE INFORMATION AND THE EMAIL ADDRESS OF THAT COUNSELOR. The dates the grades from Coach Harold are due to the counselor are the FRIDAY BEFORE the last week of the 9- week grading period. NOTE: In addition to practice attendance requirements, 10% of the PE waiver grade reported by AQUASTAR is predicated on whether the athlete attended a meet during the 9-week grading period or not. Meet attendance earns the full 10%; no meet attendance earns a 0% for that portion of the PE waiver grade (meaning that not attending a meet during the 9-week period, but successfully meeting the practice attendance requirements, would earn an overall grade of 90).