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Free Trial Email #3

Hello! As you may have already noticed, our website got a facelift this week- we've also updated it with all the information pertinent to...

By Greg Gillette

Swim Meets... Why?

A few people have asked us if meets are mandatory…The short answer is no. Nothing at ASL is mandatory. Now, for the long answer!...

By Greg Gillette

Free Trial Email #2

Hello! If you signed up recently and didn't get my email yesterday, all my communications can be found at this link- ASL Free Trial...

By Greg Gillette

What Is Club Swimming?

ASL is a non-profit swim club, governed by a parent board and led by coaches. We have three full-time coaches now, whom I will...

By Greg Gillette

Free Trial Email #1

Hello! This is going to be one of a handful of documents I’ll be sending in the coming days. They will go over a...

By Greg Gillette

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