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Hello ASL families!! Want to see what we’re up to as a team? Follow us on social media! Facebook: @aslswim Instagram: @aikenaugustaswimleague

By Michael Groves

Coaches Corner

Check out our new information tab called Coaches' Corner. This will be used by our awesome coaching staff to share general education items about...

By Michael Groves

Olympic swimming: What are my chances?

Check out this well written article (from 2016) with some statistics regarding elite level swimming. There is also some information regarding mental toughness, ways...

By Shannon Metzler

Free Trial Email #3

Hello! As you may have already noticed, our website got a facelift this week- we've also updated it with all the information pertinent to...

By Greg Gillette

Swim Meets... Why?

A few people have asked us if meets are mandatory…The short answer is no. Nothing at ASL is mandatory. Now, for the long answer!...

By Greg Gillette

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