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Registration 2022-2023

Open for Returning Members

8/16/22 - 7/1/23

Open for New Members

8/16/22 - 7/1/23


2022-2023 ASL Team Registration Information and Policy Agreements

Questions? Email [email protected]

Online Registration:

Online registration is the only available method of registering for ASL. Online registration for the 2022/223 swim year will open on August 15, 2022.  Prior to registering, new swimmers must contact Program Director Greg Gillette at [email protected] to schedule an evaluation. This will allow coaching staff to determine the swimmer’s readiness for year-round swimming and to assign them to the proper training group.

Each swim group has a limited capacity. Once a specific swim group and/or pool reaches capacity, ASL will establish a wait list and will contact swimmers as space becomes available.

2022/23 Fee Structure:

The primary fees associated with participation in the ASL swim program include but are not limited to annual registration fees (team, Georgia Swimming, USA Swimming), monthly dues, and fees associated with entering swim meets.

During registration, each family is required to electronically agree to the ASL Billing Policy. A copy of this policy is also available on the website. The ASL Billing Policy details procedures for withdrawing from the program as well as penalties associated with late payments, credit card failures, etc. You are responsible for reading and understanding the requirements of the ASL Billing Policy.

  1. Registration Fees:

The ASL swim season runs from September through August. Annual registration begins in August of each year.

ASL collects an annual non-refundable registration fee. The registration fee for the 2022/23 swim season is $115. This will directly cover the cost of registration with the team and Georgia Swimming. Your swimmer will also automatically receive 2 latex ASL swim caps. After September 1, 2022, parents of swimmers who have registered with the team will get an email with a link to go to the USA Swimming website to register their athletes with USA Swimming. This is a change from last year. Because all ASL swimmers should plan on competing in at least 3 sanctioned meets in the 2022/23 season (our two home meets and Divisionals), we ask parents to register their swimmers under the “Premium Athlete” category. The fee for this level of USA Swimming registration is $68. Combined, total registration fees will be $183, which is $32 less than previous years.

  1. Monthly Dues Payment Options and Discounts:

ASL will charge a maximum of 9 months-worth of dues for each swimmer. Once a swimmer has paid for 9 months, they will be able to participate with the team for any remaining months of the season without further monthly dues. Monthly dues can be paid for in two ways:

a. Annual – Parents may choose to make a one-time, non-refundable dues payment collected on September 1, 2022, or at the time of registration if later. Swimmers will be charged for 9 months of dues. This amount will not be prorated for swimmers that register later in the year. If the annual payment option is chosen, swimmers will receive a 10% discount.

b. Monthly – Parents may choose to have their dues payments automatically charged to their credit card each month. Dues charges will begin in the month your swimmer starts attending practices and continue for 9 consecutive months.  ASL does not pro-rate monthly dues. Parents are responsible for the entire month’s dues for any month for which they have a swimmer registered.

c. Multi-swimmer discounts – Families with multiple swimmers registering for the team are eligible for a multi-swimmer discount. The highest priced swimmer in each family will pay the full monthly dues amount. The second highest priced swimmer will receive a 10% discount off their monthly dues. Any additional swimmers will receive a 50% discount off their monthly dues. These discounts will be in addition to the 10% discount if the annual dues payment option is chosen.

3.  2022/23 Groups and Fee Schedule:

During registration, you will select one of the following billing groups:

Development (AAC or USCA) - $100 per month; $810 annual

Age Group (AAC or USCA) - $135 per month; $1093 annual

Junior (AAC or USCA) - $190 per month; $1539 annual

Senior (AAC or USCA) - $245 per month; $1984 annual

  1. Meet Fees

ASL participates in and hosts multiple swim meets each year. Swimmers participating in these meets are typically charged entry fees for each event in which they swim. Entry fees are determined by the hosting team and vary for each meet. Information about these fees are listed in the swim meet information document posted on the ASL Website. The meet fees are in addition to the membership dues and are non-refundable. For out of town meets, when you commit your swimmer for a meet, you will be invoiced and billed for the meet entry fees once the entry deadline has passed. Swimmers will pay a flat $5/meet participation fee for each meet they in which they compete. This will be applied to the team’s costs of coach travel, lodging and wages. 

Account Management

During registration, one TeamUnify account will be established for each family through the ASL Website. Multiple family members can be enrolled under this family account. However, the TeamUnify system is not designed to provide more than one account for any one swimmer. Communication, registering for meets or other ASL Events, and all invoicing and payments will be handled through this account. Account holders are provided a password and may access their accounts at any time. It is important that members keep the information in their account (especially credit card numbers and expiration dates) current.

You are responsible for managing your account information and managing the financial commitment associated with the ASL program. You will receive a billing summary report on or about the 25th of each month. Payment is due on the 1st of the following month. Any failure to make a payment by the due date may result in forfeiture of privileges to swim in the ASL program. Any requests for deviations from the ASL Billing Policy must be submitted in writing to the President of the ASL Board of Directors and will be voted on by the ASL Board at the next Board meeting.

Pool Closures and Availability

All pools have periodic maintenance/chemistry issues which may result in a closure. Weather conditions can also cause a pool closure.  ASL will not issue refunds of club dues because of pool closures.

In addition, ASL reserves the right to adjust practice times and locations in order to best utilize the lane space available to the club. In the event of a long-term closure of one of our facilities, we will work to acquire lane space/time to provide adequate training opportunities. This may require significant adjustments to the schedule.

Meet Participation Commitment

Family Participation Policy

ASL hosts several meets each year. We do this to both provide competitive opportunities for our swimmers and to serve as a fundraiser for the club. We rely on our parents/guardians to help run these meets as volunteers. For every session a family has a swimmer entered to participate in, at least one parent/guardian must volunteer to work a meet session in a 1-to-1 ratio. For example, if a family has swimmers entered in 3 of 6 sessions during a particular meet, they must work 3 sessions in that same meet. This does not have to be the SAME session their swimmer is entered in. Some parents prefer to work sessions their swimmer is not participating in so they can watch their athlete from the stands. Others prefer to work the same sessions their swimmer is entered in so they can be closer to the action as their swimmer competes. Any family not meeting the 1-to-1 ratio described above will be fined $100 per missed volunteer session. The Board of Directors of ASL will handle adjudication of the fine as well as additional remedies.

Meet Volunteer Signup: In an effort to streamline the process, volunteer signups are handled via the ASL website ( When signing your child up for a meet you need to be signed into your account and click 'Attend this Event' for the meet you want to attend and follow the on-screen prompts.

If your child is swimming in a meet hosted by ASL, there will be a 'Job Signup' button that you can click and select your sessions and volunteer jobs for the meet. As stated above, if you do not sign up to work the meets in the specified 1-to-1 ratio, you may be subject to a fine. It is best to sign up for volunteer positions early to ensure you can get your preferred job.