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The Cypress Fairbanks Swim Club greatly appreciates your contribution of your time throughout the year to help us host a variety of events. These events serve as fundraisers to help offset operating costs and are an important part of our annual budget.
All families with a competitive USA swimmer must provide support for the required number of sessions at the swim meets hosted by Fleet and are subject to the service hour requirement. The only exception is the Stroke & Fitness program which does not compete in meets. Note: you may be required to work meets in which your athlete is not competing. 

FLEET Hosted Meets

1. FLEET meets depend on each member being at their chosen position on time. Failure to arrive on time for your assigned shift may result in FLEET filling the position with another volunteer for being a no show, and no credit will be given for that volunteer job.

2. Every FLEET family, with a swimmer in a group that has 10 hours specified in the chart above, must volunteer to work 10 hours of either the Red, White and Blue (RWB) Meet or July Championship Meets. A penalty of $50 per hour will be billed for any uncompleted hours.

3. If you elect to not work any meets, the fine is a total of $1,125.00 for Age Group White and above. $25/per every hour unworked of the 25 hours required before RWB and July meets ($625). $50/per hour of the 10 hours required over RWB and the July Meets ($500). $850 for Age Group Gold.


FLEET members are often asked to help time at a Home or Away swim meet. This timing is NOT credited towards your volunteer/service hours obligations.


How to sign up for a volunteer job:

  • Available volunteer hours for all short & long course FLEET hosted meets will be posted in advance on FLEETSWIMMING.COM under the “Events” tab and will be available based on the maximum anticipated timeline approximately 5 days prior to the event.
  • Log into your account. Under the Events section, click on the “Meets” tab and select the “Job Signup” button next to the volunteer sign up document corresponding to the meet name to review and select a volunteer job. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Signup” and then click on “Signup” again. Check the jobs again and verify your name is posted correctly. Please include your phone number. Contact the volunteer coordinator if you have any questions. Times for hours are approximate. Please check in for your volunteer position on time. If you arrive late for your volunteer shift, Volunteer Coordinators reserve the right to replace you in that position and you will be considered a “No Show”.


Fees for unworked service hours:

For ALL groups with a 35-hour volunteer requirement:

10 hours of the requirement must come from RED, WHITE, & BLUE and/or Fleet hosted CHAMPS meets in July. For every volunteer hour short of the requirement, the following charges will be applied and will be payable prior to registration the following year:

  • $50/hr will be charged for any hour(s) not completed from your 10-hr July meet requirement (RED, WHITE, & BLUE and Fleet hosted CHAMPS meets in July); $25/hr will be charged for any hour(s) not completed from your remaining 25 required hour.
  • The fees will be added to the account at the point of withdrawal or at the end of the long course season. Renewal of membership will require registration payment as well as any fees for not working the previous season.
  • If you elect to not work any meets the fine total is $1,125.00 if no hours are completed for the entire year for swimmers in AG White and above. ($25/per hr for 25 hours. $50/per hr for 10 hrs @ RWB or Champs meets).

If your swimmer is in AG Gold the fine total of $850.00 if no hours are completed for the entire year. ($25/per hr for 24 hours. $50/per hr for 10 hrs @ RWB or Champs meets)


Checking Current Service Hours

You can see your current volunteer hours. Sign in and go to My Account > Invoices & Payments. Click on the Service Hours tab at the top.