FLEET believes that the swimming experience should develop an array of characteristics and life skills including leadership, commitment, self-discipline, organization and teamwork.  Furthermore, FLEET believes achievement is the product of setting goals and putting the body, mind and spirit in motion to reach those goals.  FLEET provides its athletes with the opportunity to realize their full potential, in and out of the athletic arena. It does this by offering:

  • Unparalleled training facilities (indoor and out)
  • Exceptional integrated dry-land, anaerobic, and aerobic training
  • An elite team of first class coaching professionals
  • Speed, agility, quickness, strength and endurance training. 
  • Mental skills training with the Fleet coaching staff.
  • FLEET Fuel - A complete nutritional focus, including proper hydration
  • Leadership, communication and life skills development
  • Preparation for all levels of competition from Summer League to Top level national and international competition
  • Multiple training program options 
An inspirational environment that fosters individual, team and community success   whether your goal is short or long-term athletic development, our training program proves that skills can be learned and results can be achieved.  Training and racing at the appropriate levels is the single most important change in your training that you can make. Understanding what each of these terms mean is the first step in that transformation.  FLEET Swim Camp can take you through the steps needed to make the changes you need to your training to get to the next level.