18 & Under World 100s
Gulf Swimming
Excellence 200

Stroke, Turn & Fitness

Practice location:

  • Spillane Middle School

Practice times:

  • Monday through Thursday 5-6pm (Group 1)
  • Monday through Thursday 6-7pm (Group 2)

Swimmers in the Stroke, Turn and Fitness groups are interested in improving technique and skills, as well as improving fitness, but not competing in many club swim meets, if at all. The focus of this group is learning to improve streamlines, turns, technique for all four strokes and building upon the fundamental swimming skills swimmers have previously learned. They are also introduced to interval training with a pace clock through swim and kick sets. Swimmers must be legal in 3 strokes with knowledge of the fourth stroke.

• Swimmers aged 9-12 may participate in the Stroke, Turn and Fitness groups.

• Athletes are encouraged to participate in Summer League and/or their middle school or high school swimming programs.

• Practices are one hour, and attention to proper stroke details are emphasized with endurance training, and a little bit of FUN thrown in!

• Swimmers should attend a minimum of 2 practices out of 4 per week. However, practice sessions are progressive in nature so one day the emphasis may be on breaststroke kick, the next two days on breaststroke arm pull followed by a day on breaststroke body position.