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Excellence 200

Club Registration: There is a $25 club registration fee (that will be assessed immediately upon registration on our site).  There will also be a $25 yearly membership fee (billed in January each year) and an additional requirement to become a member of United States Masters Swimming for the year when joining our team: 

USMS membership is $70 each year. http://www.usms.org/reg/content/benefits - link to join.  

You may not become a member of Fleet Masters without a USMS membership.

Regular Masters pay $70 a month for as many coached practices as you like each month.  Practice times are located on the Calendar tab of this site.  Make sure you check practice times weekly to see if there have been any changes.  Also, be on the lookout for any emails that signal practice changes.  

Cy Tri, SBR members pay $45 a month for two coached practices a week.  Swimmers in this group MUST have a current membership with the Cy Tri or SBR triathlon club to take advantage of this rate.  Swimmers must have their USMS and club registration current.  Please send current proof of registration with Cy Tri or SBR when you choose this option.

Lap Swim Only members pay $60 a month to come swim laps during any designated lap swim practice times without coach direction.  Note - you must swim during a designated masters practice time with a coach on the deck for supervision.  While our lanes are not overly crowded, we will offer lap swim times at all practices.  If we get short on lane space in the evenings or mornings we may have to restrict open lap swim times.  Lap swim members may have to share lane space if we have limited lane space and lots of swimmers.