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FLEET Seniors DOMINATE at Sectionals

Richard Boucher

FLEET Seniors Dominate at Sectionals!

I wanted to let everyone know how proud I am of our Fleet Senior swimmers and how they dominated at Sectionals. Throughout the meet I was complimented on how well our swimmers were performing by opposing teams’ coaches. What a humbling experience. From last year’s 26th place finish to this year’s 2nd place finish was mind blowing! This tells the story of what we can accomplish when swimmers train to their potential over long periods of time. I can’t ask for anything more. I am thankful to all of the Senior swimmers who stepped up and all of the Fleet parents who have been so supportive of my direction in the Fleet program.

While I was excited to hear all the fantastic things that the Age Groupers were doing at TAGS, Colin and Rick were equally excited for the kids at Sectionals. It is so fun to work with great staff of professionals who truly care about all of the kids. The whole Age Group staff was so proud to see all the kids who they have worked with over the years continue to progress through their sporting career. (I would guess that Coach Jeff has promised the Sectional swimmers free tickets to Disney World via my personal account. LOL).

One of the goals this year was to make Sectionals fun and for everyone to get excited about each others’ performance. I can tell you that during finals the kids were cheering for each other behind their lanes when possible and congratulating each other one after another for their great performance. This is the first time I have ever been to a Sectional meet where 100% of all swimmers contributed to scoring points either individually, relays, or both. It was truly a team effort and everybody was part of the team’s success. We had several new Future standards, Winter Junior Standards, Summer Junior Standards, National Top 10 times, and Team Records! 

Most of all I want to thank the kids for their commitment to Fleet. Looking around the pool deck it was so obvious that our kids are proud to swim at Fleet and represent us at every level. TAGS, Sectionals, All Meets … our swimmers have Fleet Pride! 


Individual Events that Scored (Top 20 Scored)

Daniel Choi 
500 Free 6th place 4:31.15, 400 IM 10th place 4:03.24, 1650 Free 4th place 15:44.62 *Brand new Winter Junior Nationals cut*

Sarah Culberson
200 Fly 19th place 2:05.09, 200 Back 17th place 2:04.27, 200 IM 13th place 2:05.99  

 Louie Demetriades 
1650 Free 17th place 16:15.90

Alexis Dickey 
1650 Free 15th place 17:30.72

Luke Dimicelli 
200 Fly 4th place 1:49.28 *Brand New Winter Junior National Cut*, 200 Back 4th place 1:46.92, 200 Free 2nd place 1:37.87 *Brand New Summer Junior National Cut*, 100 Back 13th place 50.77, 50 Free 17thplace 21.22

Keilah Eckhart 
200 Fly 6th place 2:02.83, 100 Free 15th place 51.81, 100 Fly 14th place 56.07, 50 Free 18th place 24.06

Danilla Erazakov
200 Fly 8th place 1:50.85, 100 Back 20th place 51.86

Adrian Guzman
500 Free 18th place 4:35.03, 200 Free 15th place 1:41.70 

Munzer Kabbara 
200 Fly 9th place 1:49.42, 400 IM 3:47.87 1st place, 200 Breast 4th place 1:59.79, 200 IM 1st place 1:46.57 *New Team Record*

Simone Kabbara
200 breast 15th place 2:20.98 *Brand New Futures Cut*

Hayden Miller 
500 Free 1st place 4:42.73 *New Team Record* &  **National Number 2 Ranking**, 400 I.M. 5th place 4:21.61 *New Winter Junior Nationals cut*200 Free 1:46.51 1st place, 1650 Free 16:12.54 **National Number 1 ranking** *New Team Record*50 Free 23.96 19th place 

Clara Schlimper 
200 Fly 20th place 2:05.39 *Brand New Futures Cut*

Ben Scholl 
100 Free 3rd place 44:65 *New Team Record* &  **National Number 5 Ranking**, 200 Free 4th place 1:39.12, 50 Free 20.40 *New Team Record* & **National Number 10 ranking**

Ella Smoker 
200 Breast 6th place 2:18.89 

Olivia Suarez
200 Fly 1st place 1:57.77 *New Team Record* & **National Number 1 Ranking**400 I.M. 11th place 4:22.54 *National Number 6 Ranking*100 Fly 11th place 55.49, 1650 Free 5th place 16:58.17, 200 I.M. 20th place 2:08.21


Relay Events (Top 20 scored)

Girls Relays

200 Free A Relay 6th place
Keilah Eckhart, Hayden Miller, Sofia Luper, Ellie Devens

200 Medley A Relay 11th place
Sarah Culberson, Ella Smoker, Keilah Eckhart, Hayden Miller

800 Free A Relay 2nd place 
Keilah Eckhart, Sofia Luper, Hayden Miller, Gigi Casten

800 Free B Relay 11th place
Olivia Suarez, Clara Schlimper, Alexis Dickey, Simone Kabbara

400 Medley A Relay 6th place 
Sarah Culberson, Ella Smoker, Olivia Suarez, Hayden Miller

400 Medley B Relay 13th place
Gigi Casten, Claire Culberson, Keilah Eckhart, Sofia Luper 

400 Free A Relay 5th place 
Keilah Eckhart, Gigi Casten, Hayden Miller, Sofia Luper

400 Free B Relay 15th place 
Ellie Devens, Sarah Culberson, Clara Schlimper, Ella Smoker


Boys Relays

200 Free A Relay 4th place *New Team Open Team Record*
Luke Dimiceli, Munzy Kabbara, Ben Scholl, Adrian Guzman

200 Free B Relay 20th place
Darryl Fontenette, Danilla Erzakov, Aaron Ervin, Colton Den Dulk

200 Medley A Relay 11th place 
Luke Dimiceli, Munzer Kabarra, Adrian Guzman, Ben Scholl

800 Free Relay 2nd place  *New Team Open Record*
Ben Scholl, Adrian Guzman, Luke Dimiceli, Munzer Kabbara

800 Free B Relay 8th place 
Louie Demetriades, Danilla Erzakov, Darryl Fontenette, Daniel Choi

400 Medley A Relay 4th place
Luke Dimiceli, Munzer Kabbara, Danilla Erzakov, Ben Scholl

400 Free A Relay 3rd Place 
Luke Dimiceli, Munzer Kabbara, Adrian Guzman, Ben Scholl

400 Free B Relay 13th place 
Darryl Fontenette, Danilla Erzakov, Colton Den Dulk, Aa