June 28-30, 2019
FLEET  Red White & Blue Invitational


Reminder to Coaches: 

Limit 2 Coaches per team on deck!!

Reminder to Families:

Outdoor set-up is available!!

Click HERE for Meet Invitation with all information about the meet (pdf).

Officials Sign-up to Volunteer

Click HERE for Meet Highlights and Important Reminders

See Meet Invitation above for details of registration times and locations.  ACCEPTING CREDIT CARDS THIS YEAR.

Click HERE for Heat Sheet Advertising Opportunities.

Click HERE for Qualifying Times in Yards and Meters(pdf).

Click HERE for Estimated Meet Timeline.  Please note, timeline is an estimate.  Events can run behind or ahead of this.

For anyone not entered by their team pre-meet by the registration deadline, we do take a limited number of on-deck entries each day to fill empty lanes in existing heats on first come first serve basis.  You MUST have a report with your best times run from Swimtopia system to enter on-deck.  See meet invitation (page 9) for additional details.

Click HERE for Warm-Ups Assignments and Team Timing Assignments.

Click HERE for Team List.

Click HERE for Athlete Roster by team.  Each swimmer is listed alphabetically with first name and last initial.  Full name is not posted due to NWAL privacy poliices.  Total number of events each swimmer is entered in is also listed.

Click HERE for Team Scores..   Summer League team members will be able to view meet results through their own team password protected sites where meet results are normally posted.  Contact your team if you are unsure how to view meet results.