Now that our club has been able to get all of our swimmers back in the water, we want to open up our pool to those swimmers that have not been able to get back in the water yet.  A limited number of swimmers are welcome to rent our pool and participate in a training session given by one of our Fleet coaches.  Due to the social distancing policies that our facility has in place, we have a number of rules that will need to be adhered to in order to rent:

  1. Swimmers must arrive with suit and cap on.  There will be no changing room available.  The locker rooms are only available for using the restroom and one person in the restroom at a time.
  2. No one but swimmers allowed in the facility.  No parents or spectators will be allowed.  Parents must drop off and pick up only.  They may wait in their cars in the parking lot if desired.
  3. Only ages 13-18 will be able to participate in the work out rentals.
  4. All swimmers must be able to show their USA Swimming ID before being allowed to participate.
  5. All registration will be online via credit card.  No cash payments or checks will be accepted on deck.


Dates Available:

May 31st              July 5th            August 9th
June 7th               July 12th          August 16th
June 14th             July 19th
June 21st             July 26th
June 28th             August 2nd