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Boundary Waters Aquatic Center

Although we are not affiliated with Douglas County,  DCS Swimming operates out of a Douglas County operated center and follow their operation calendar. It is important that all DCS swimmers and spectators follow these rules in order to insure our continued access to this beautiful facility.

Any issues or concerns with the facility should be directed to:

Ryan Lister - Aquatic Superintendent
5000 Georgia Highway 92 North/166 East
Douglasville, Georgia 30135
Phone: 770-489-2175770-489-2175

Facility Rules

  • No running, boisterous or rough play, dunking, chicken games, backwards flips, jumps or any unsafe behavior inside the aquatic center.
  • No alcohol or drugs allowed, and no one under the influence of such substances will be allowed in the facility.
  • No photography without written approval from Superintendent.
  • The facility or pools may be closed for maintenance, health conditions, weather, or any other reason deemed necessary by the director.
  • Personal conduct in and around the facility shall be such that the safety of the individual and others are not jeopardized.
  • No child 16 years of age or younger shall be dropped off or left unattended.
  • The lifeguards should be treated with respect at all times. Disrespect or disobeying a lifeguard’s commands for safety shall result in removal from the facility.
  • No patron is allowed in the Garage or Pump Room. If you need equipment, ask a lifeguard.
  • No one is allowed to use the locker room or showers unless they have signed in at the front desk and is a participant in a fitness or aquatic program of the facility.
  • These facility rules are in addition to the Douglas County Parks and Recreation Park Ordinances. The Park Ordinances can be found at

Pool Rules

  • All swimmers must shower before entering the pool.
  • No child, 16 years or younger are allowed in the Competition pool unless a parent/guardian is in the water with the child. Exception: Scheduled swim team practice with a coach present or swim lessons under the supervision of a B.W.A.C. swim instructor.
  • In the Instructional Pool, if the water is over a child’s head and they are a non-swimmer, they must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No diving into the Instructional Pool.
  • No inflatable flotation devices or toys.
  • No playing on stairs, rails, or red/blue dividers. No playing or holding on to lane ropes.
  • Noodles, barbells, kickboards, aqua belts are for fitness use only and are not flotation devices and are not to be used as toys.
  • No food, gum, or drinks, on the pool deck. Water only.
  • No diving, jumping, or sitting on the competitive starting blocks of the competition pool. Use of these starting blocks is limited to SEALS swim lessons and swim team practice when a certified coach is present.
  • No spitting pool water out of your mouth.
  • No flippers in the Instructional Pool.
  • Infants and children ages 3 and under must wear a swim diaper in the pool. No exceptions.
  • Shorts, shirts, sweat suits or any other articles of clothing are not a substitute for a swim suit and will not be allowed in the pool. Everyone must wear an appropriate swim suit. No cotton fabric.
  • Competition pool is for LAP swimmers only. Lanes must be shared when necessary.
  • No animals allowed on the pool deck.
  • These pool rules are in addition to the Douglas County Parks and Recreation Park Ordinances. The Park Ordinances can be found at

DCS and Boundary Waters Aquatic staff are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles. When personal belongings are left behind at practices or meets, every effort will be made to hold the items so please check the “Lost and Found”.