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Action Plan For DCS Return to Water Training


Action Plan For DCS In-Person Dryland

Guidelines & Expectations for all DCS Families

  1. If your swimmer or a member of your household is sick, do not attend inperson dryland practice. Stay at home and get well!
  2. Swimmers must bring the following to practice:
    1. an exercise mat (or towel),
    2. a water bottle (filled),
    3. hand-sanitizer and/or wipes.
  3. Swimmers must wear appropriate footwear for dryland practice (sneakers), shorts and tops.
  4. Bathroom facilities will not be available at the Aquatic Center; go before you arrive.
  5. Arrive on-time for practice start and pick up.

Coaching Procedures to Ensure Distancing:

  1. All workout groups are separated into groups of nine (9) athletes or less (until CDC/NIH/Exective Order allows for larger groups).
  2. We will set up separate workout stations behind the Aquatic Center.
  3. Orange cones will be pre-placed by each coach for their group; athletes will report to a cone and await instructions from their coach.
  4. All cones will be separated a minimum of 6 feet apart from each other. Parents’ and swimmers’ Procedures:
    1. DROP OFF:
      1. Parents, all swimmers must be dropped off behind the Aquatic Center.
      2. Parents, please arrive 10 minutes prior to starting time.
      3. Swimmers must bring their own exercise mat (or towel) and water.
      4. Swimmers must report to his/her assigned coach.
      5. Swimmers must stand by an orange cone marker pre-placed by his/her coach and wait for practice to begin.
    2. PICK UP:
      1. Workout will finish 45 minutes from starting time.
      2. Parents, PLEASE pick up your athlete on time.
      3. We will include a 15 minute transition-separation between the groups
        1. 5 minutes to leave the BWAC
        2. 10 minutes to arrive at the BWAC (behind the facility, parking lot area)
      4. We must avoid having groups of unsupervised swimmers waiting for their parents while we are coaching another session
      1. Please ensure that your swimmer has gone to the restroom prior to workout.
      2. Parents will not be allowed to stand around the workouts (in order to comply with group gathering restrictions).
      3. Parents may wait in their car, walk on the trail, go run errands, etc.
      4. Parents (regrettably) may not join-in and participate in the workout (in order to comply with group gathering restrictions).
      5. PLEASE ensure on-time pick up of your swimmer.