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DCS Masters Registration and Fees

Are you a triathlete? Did you swim as a kid? Do you want to learn all four strokes? Are you a former competitive swimmer ready to race again? Whatever your motivation, join us and take your fitness to the next level!

The DCS Masters “Stingreys” swim team is open to swimmers 18 & older and costs $40 per month, plus the cost of US Masters Swimming annual membership ($60 for 2022).

Membership is on a month-to-month, opt-in/opt-out basis. No long term commitment is required. Send an email to [email protected] before the first of the month to put your membership on hold or to restart a suspended membership.

All DCS Masters MUST maintain a membership in United States Masters Swimming.  Masters registration is done directly through USMS. (See step 2 below)

For insurance purposes, you cannot practice until both registrations have been successfully completed.

Registration is a two-step process:

Step 1 – DCS Masters Registration

  1. Click the "DCS Annual Registration" button on the home page of the DCS website.
  2. Fill in all the information. 
  3. Choose an existing member or click the "add member" button.
  4. Select your location and Group.  (Boundary Waters Aquatic Center and DCS Masters). Answer "No" to the transfer question. (That's for our youth team).
  5. Agree to the member agreement and waivers then click "continue" and go to check out.  
  6. There is no fee for DCS Annual Registration. You will only pay monthly tuition.

Step 2 - United States Masters Swimming Registration

  1. Click on the USMS registration page.
  2. Choose the New or Renew membership boxes.
  3. Fill in personal info
  4. Read and agree to waiver
  5. Select affiliations: Club Georgia Masters (GAJA), Workout Group = DCS (Douglas County Stingreys)
  6. Select options
  7. Review & Pay