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Parents, welcome to DCS! The Douglas County Stingrays want the sport of competitive swimming to become a life-long passion and a great experience for you and your new Stingray.

If you are new to the sport, the USA Swimming website ( is an excellent resource for all things swimming.

Step One — Practice and Meet Gear

In practice, we require girls to wear a competition suit of their choice. Boys must wear a competition suit as well (either jammers — a longer "cycling style" fitted suit or a "speedo" — bikini style suit). Surfing/beach swimwear and non-fitted tankini-style swim suit will only impede your swimmer's agility in the water. Look under our Required Training Equipment  tab for links to online stores that sell appropriate suits and practice equipment!

At swim meets, we require all Stingrays to wear a competition (racing) suit, their silver, DCS team swim cap, and DCS team shirt (color of shirt each day depends upon meet length. Schedule is listed in Required Training Equipment tab).

Step Two — How to Sign Up for A Swim Meet

Ready to race? Follow these steps:

  1. Under the DCS Calendar, click on Team Events.
  2. Select the meet you'd like to attend, paying attention to any requirements or restrictions indicted in the meet info.
  3. Click "attend".
  4. If you'd like to attend on only a select day or days, use the notes function to let us know which days you want to swim.
  5. The coaches will select your swimmer's events.


  1. After the sign up deadline has passed, an "initial roster and fees" email will be sent to those swimmers who have registered to compete. Parents and swimmers are asked to review the roster and make any additions/corrections/changes. This roster gives parents an opportunity to remove their swimmer from the meet. A deadline is set to respond.
  2. Then, a "final roster and fees" email is sent to all participants. At this point, members are responsible for meet fees even if their swimmer is unable to attend.
  3. Fees for the meet will be posted to each member's account and may be paid before the event OR can be paid with the following month's tuition.
  4. DCS will send payment to the host team for all DCS entries prior to the event. We do all of the paperwork!

Step Three — At The Meet

If you've never attended a swim meet, please use the info below to prepare yourself and your swimmer for his/her first experience in competition:

Are you a first time "swim mom" or "swim dad"? Unsure of what a "heat sheet" is?

Confused about what it means to "mark up" your swimmer?  Just follow the steps below and have fun.

Things To Bring To A Swim Meet

  • Sharpie Permanent Marker
  • Highlighter, ink pen
  • Extra Towels
  • Blanket to spread out for seating
  • Foldable Chairs, if desired
  • Toys/Books/Games/Cards to pass the time
  • Light, healthy snacks and drinks, if desired
  • Extra goggles and DCS team cap
  • Competition swim suit

Preparing your Child to Swim at the Meet

Download or purchase a heat sheet (event program usually cost $5 to $10)

Highlight or mark your swimmer's name and events in the heatsheet so you can follow along

Before every race, insure that your swimmer goes to his coach and speaks with him/her about his event. The coaches will make sure that they get to the starting block (or bullpen) in time and confirm lane/heat assignments.

After every race, insure that your swimmer goes to his coach and speaks with him/her about his performance.

Below is a "cheat sheet" grid that many parents create to keep track of their swimmer's program – Event/Heat/Lane/ Stroke


3 4 5 50 Fr
7 2 4 100 Back