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Event Fundraising
2020 DCS Swim-a-Thon
AUG 30
Time: 5:30 PM
EIN: 20-3514968
Boundary Waters Aquatic Center
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The clock has started! We are VERY excited for this year's biggest DCS fundraiser, and hope to raise critical funds for our team. As a non-profit organization, the monthly dues that we charge our families are only part of the money required to cover all of the operational costs DCS sees each year.

Each Spring, we run a USA Swimming Foundation approved fundraising event, a Swim-a-Thon. All of our swimmers, all groups, will participate in this endurance swimming event where they will swim as many laps as possible during their practice time. Non-stop!

5% of the proceeds raised from our Swim-a-Thon go back to the USA Swimming Foundation to support youth learn-to-swim programs and to provide financial support to our U.S. National Team athletes and coaches. By donating to our Swim-a-Thon fundraiser, you are not only providing funds to build a stronger team at home, you are helping to give kids across the country the same great experience in the pool.

In 2018, we set a "collective team swim distance." As we counted every swimmer's laps, we converted the distance to miles. Our goal is to reach OMAHA, Nebraska, site of the 2020 USA Swimming Olympic Trials! 999 miles!!

2020 Swim-a-Thon marks the third leg of our journey. We made it just beyond St. Louis, MO last year. We have 524 collective miles to go!! We need EVERYONE to participate in this marathon distance swim. We can do it!

On Monday, March 30th, our Novice, Pre-Age Group and DCS Masters will go the distance during their practice time and then "pass the baton" to our Age Group and Senior/Elite swimmers on Tuesday the 31st.

Incentives, incentives, incentives! Top fundraisers and top distance swimmers will earn really cool stuff!

Everyone gets involved at this family friendly event! Come cheer on our team in this journey, help us log our distance and reach our team goals.

Thank you for your support!
Participants | Rank 0/11
$150.00 Addison Cheatwood
$50.00 Paige Quincy
$50.00 Austin Quincy
Top Locations (amount)
$250.00 Boundary Waters Aquatic Center