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Dynamo American Red Cross Lifeguarding FAQ

1. If I am taking a 4-day class, may I sign up for the first two dates of one session and the last two dates of another session? 

A:  Due to variables within instruction and pool availability, splitting sessions isn’t possible. The student must be able to make all of the class dates within the same session.

2. If I register for a session and cannot make it, can I transfer to another session? 
A:  Each student may transfer once to another session before the session they registered for begins. This courtesy transfer request must be made 72 hours in advance of the first date of the session. Please email [email protected] to complete the transfer. If registered for a 4-day class, the student must transfer to a 4-day class or complete the blended learning 5 business days before the first day of the blended learning session.

3. If I fail the pre-course evaluation, can I transfer to another session to try again at a later date?
A:  Each student may transfer once if they do not pass the pre-course evaluation test for the session they signed up for. Please email [email protected] for information on which sessions are available for the transfer. Please note that the transfer may require the student to attend a session at a different location. Transfers due to not passing the pre-course evaluation must be requested within 72 hours of the initial pre-course test. The fee for a transfer due to not passing pre-course skills on the first session/attempt is $35 which can be paid by check or money order on the first date of the second attempt/session.

4. What happens if I fail the pre-course evaluation the second time? Do I get a refund? 
A:  Unfortunately, there are no refunds. Please make sure the student is prepared, has practiced and is able to complete all skills before taking the pre-course skills test. Please see facility rec swim hours for complimentary practice time at any of our 3 Dynamo locations (www.dynamoswimclub.com and click on recreational/wellness to view recreational swim hours).  Students should bring proof of their registration to swim free of charge.

5. I’m a great swimmer. I will pass the pre-course evaluation, but I don’t have time to complete the online blended learning coursework for the blended session I signed up for within the timeframe allowed. Can I still show up for the pre-course evaluation if I don’t complete the online portion of the class first?
A:  Unfortunately, no. The blended learning must be completed and successfully passed (proof provided to your instructor) before a student is able to take the pre-course evaluation skills test. If a student has not completed the blended learning, the student will not be able to take the pre-course skills test or continue with that session. If the blended learning is not completed within the timeframe allowed, please request a transfer at least 72 hours before the session the student is registered for. 

6. I’ve been certified before, but my LGT expired 2 months ago. Can I still sign up for the review?
A:  No, only those currently certified or have expired within 30 days of the review session date may attend a review class. Your LGT certification must be presented before the pre-course skills test. If a student registers for review but fails to provide proof of certification, the student may pay the difference and transfer to a blended learning or four-day course within 72 hours of the initial course they registered for. Please email [email protected] for session options. 

7. I’ve taken two days of a session and have done well. I have to take the SAT on day 3 of the 4-day session. What should I do?

A:  Please request a transfer to another class by emailing [email protected]. If a student isn’t able to make one day of a class (even if the class has already begun), the student will be required to take the full four days of another class. Please check calendars for all school/activity-related activities. Losing one student for the final days of a class can affect the entire class. 

8. I am unable to come to the class I registered for. Can I receive a refund? 

A:  Students may receive a refund if their request is sent to [email protected] at least 72 hours prior to the start of class. This is for students who are no longer interested in taking the class at all. Please remember transfers are allowed one time if a student is not able to attend a certain session.  Requests should be sent to [email protected] 

9. I’m signed up for a review session and am currently certified. Do I need to bring an American Red Cross LGT book and mask with me to class?

A:  Yes, review students should bring their most recent LGT book and mask along with their LGT certification. If the student does not have a book, he/she will be required to buy one. The price is $40. Likewise, if the student does not have a mask, he/she will be required to buy one. Masks are $15. These fees can be paid on-site on the first day of the session by cash or check. If the student has lost a copy of his/her certification, please visit the American Red Cross website and login to be able to print a copy of the certification. If there are questions regarding an individual’s current certification, please contact the red cross directly at 1-800-redcross.

10. This is my first time taking LGT. Will a book and mask be provided for me? 

A:  Yes, the price of the book and mask were included in the registration fee.

11. I am not currently certified by the American Red Cross but by a different organization (Ellis, YMCA, Starguard, etc).  May I take the American Red Cross review class if I have current certification with another organization?

A:  Unfortunately, no.  Proof of American Red Cross certification (current or within 30 days of expiration) is the only certification we are willing to accept for the review class.  Our suggestion  for a student who has lifeguarding knowledge and certification from another organization is to register for a blended learning session.

12.  What do I need to bring to Lifeguard training class?

A:  Bathing suit, 2 towels, water, food for a meal, a pen, change of clothes